December 6, 2021

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Organic Protein Shakes For Enhancing Muscle Growth And Strength!

Proteins hold a prominent position among the list of essential vitamins and minerals required by the human body to function correctly. Proteins are necessary for muscle growth and repair, and individuals devour different food sources containing adequate amounts of protein content. Especially the people indulged in heavy physical activities like athletes require extra proteins to repair muscle wear and tear during power training. Some fitness enthusiasts or athletes believe that it is best to consume proteins before a workout session, whereas some believe otherwise. Whichever the case, organic protein shakes are gaining immense popularity among individuals who work out regularly. 

Keep reading through the article to understand whether it is good to have protein shakes while following a workout regime. 

Do the people who work out need more protein?

The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) is the estimated amount of nutrients required by a body to prevent deficiencies. Although there is no fixed number describing the amount of protein required by the body, it all depends on certain factors. Since the protein strengthens the muscles and repairs any wear and tear while working out, individually indulging in heavy physical activities require more protein than others. Carrying out heavy physical activities requires additional proteins for muscle recovery and growth. Along with having protein shakes, you can spread the rest of the protein requirements across all your meals to consume a balanced diet. 

An organic protein shake is considered to be the best munching option to calm your hunger cravings. However, take the shake in calculated amounts to prevent exceeding the amount required by your body.

Pre and post-workout consumption of protein shakes

Protein shakes primarily work on muscle strength and size while consuming them before or after a workout. Reports suggest that there are no significant differences in muscle strength or size of individuals having a protein shake before and after exercising. These results suggest that the timing of protein consumption around your workout session does not matter as long as you are intaking it in sufficient quantities.  

Are high protein diets safe for most people?

Protein shakes are not an alternative to regular meals, but they can be consumed between meals or during snacking. Fitness enthusiasts prefer having them around their workouts. 

Many people are afraid to harm their health by combining their high protein diets with a protein shake. This is because high protein consumption is directly linked to kidney diseases and osteoporosis, which makes the bones weak and brittle. On the contrary, consuming organic protein bars or shakes is known to improve bone density and overall bone health. However, there is no proof suggesting proteins single-handedly cause harm to the human body. It is best to consult a professional nutritionist to get a balanced diet chart addressing your body’s nutritional needs. If the dietician suggests you limit your protein intake, you must follow as directed.

Repair and rebuild your muscles after heavy physical activities by consuming delicious and nutritious organic protein shakes!