New Responsible Artificial Intelligence (RAI) Course for K-12 Educators Seeks to Change How AI is Implemented in Learning


DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MindSpark Learning®, a nonprofit organization committed to elevating educators and being the direct intersection between education and industry, has launched its first Responsible Artificial Intelligence (RAI) course in a series. The RAI for Educators course is designed for K-12 and promises to revolutionize how they think of and implement artificial intelligence (AI) in the classroom. MindSpark defines RAI with the following 5 pillars – RAI is community-centric; it is monitorable and secure; ethical and fair; justifiable and accountable; as well as explainable and transparent.

“Educators need an understanding of what AI is and is not. With this exceptionally valuable resource, educators get to learn about AI, by engaging with AI in a demystified manner. The course deeply addresses the question of the ethical and responsible use of AI within our world. Thus, educators who take this course will be engaging in the conversation that AI engineers are also having,” said Jason Beyer, the Director of Educational Technology at Jesuit High School, CO.

For years, MindSpark has provided educators with outstanding AI learning experiences tailored to K-12 schools and districts’ needs. MindSpark’s experiences have transformed tens of thousands of educators, and by extension, hundreds of thousands of students. A foundational partnership with IBM enabled MindSpark to establish IBM AI Education. This program introduced AI fundamentals and crucial K-12 classroom connections. Now, to keep up with a fast-paced industry, the needs of our labor market, and students, we are adding to an already impressive library of professional development in the AI space.

“As AI companies go head-to-head, our hope is that this is not a race where education will finish last. MindSpark’s RAI series highlights the unprecedented opportunities AI brings but also the incredible responsibility it must bear. We know responsible AI models are built upon good intentions to enable business, but there are benefits and hesitations for education,” Kellie Lauth, MindSpark’s CEO and President, said. “Our RAI course for educators can help illuminate the way for students by ensuring that the technology used in the classroom is ethical, unbiased, and respects the privacy of all individuals involved. The launch of RAI models for educators provides not only content but context for these emerging technologies and gives educators a front-row seat to know how to engage.”

McKinsey Global Institute estimates that Al will boost the GDP in the US by $13 trillion by 2030 and MindSpark is uniquely positioned to address the education-to-workforce gaps. MindSpark’s experience in AI education, along with an increased understanding of what industry needs and expects from those joining the workforce, puts MindSpark in a crucial position to introduce this new, on-demand series.

MindSpark acts as a bridge to equip educators with the tools and skills needed to best prepare their students for the workforce. MindSpark believes that the most effective way to learn about AI is from the technology itself, creating an interactive experience unmarred by overly technical lectures. The RAI for Educators course is a new on-demand course created with Generative AI. Not only is it about artificial intelligence — it is artificial intelligence.

To learn more about MindSpark’s RAI for Educators course, click here.

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