Men Against Criminalisation Of Marital Rape Declare #MarriageStrike And We Hope They Remain On Strike



Most Indian men do not understand the concept of consent – this isn’t a generalisation, it’s a statement based on stacks of evidence and daily happenings. In a more recent example, some Indian men are denouncing a law that’s under consideration to criminalise marital rape. In a country where marital rape is rampant with no legal aid for victims (not to mention, many don’t even get to report these cases), it’s high time. The Centre is reportedly finally looking into the issue and is seeking the opinion of state governments. A sizeable section of men is now declaring a “marriage strike” to stand against the law. Let that sink in for a bit.

The recent move to criminalise marital rape is being protested by men who think that the law will be used by women to wrongfully accuse men of sexual assault and rape. On Twitter, an overwhelmingly large group of users are of the belief that this will lead to false charges and it goes to show how little they understand consent. The fact that being punished for a heinous crime like rape feels like a threat to their rights is appalling. It also reveals an alarming reality of just how many are willing to fight online for the right to rape their spouse. There’s no other way of looking at it.

If you think this is a small section of men, you’re mistaken since #MarriageStrike is trending on social media.

Well, if the criminalisation of marital rape is putting men off marriage, let’s hope that they remain on strike, hopefully forever so women can be spared the trauma.

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