Jason Momoa Saved Amber Heard From Getting Kicked Off ‘Aquaman 2’ Amid Legal Battle With Ex-Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s libel case is currently in the sixth and final week and new slew of witnesses are about take the stand. On Monday, Heard’s witness Kathryn Arnold, a former Hollywood producer who is now an entertainment industry consultant, took the stand and made a shocking revelation about Heard’s role in Aquaman 2. Arnold said that it was lead star Jason Momoa and Director James Wan, who fought for Amber Heard and did not let Warner Bros. remove her.

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As per DailyMail, Kathryn Arnold took the witness stand and testified that Amber Heard’s role was cut due to negative press around her. According to Arnold, Heard’s role in Aquaman was ‘a star is born moment’ but instead of propelling her career, she was nearly removed from the sequel.She also revealed that Heard only kept her role because Jason Momoa, and the film’s director James Wan were ‘committed to her’ and were ‘adamant she was in the film.’

Arnold also shared that the initial drafts of Aquaman 2 had strong character arc for Mera including a romantic arc and some great action scenes. Heard even trained for several months to do the action scenes but when she got to the set a costume designer told her that her role had been cut drastically.

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Arnold squashed the reports that Heard and Momoa’s lousy chemistry was to blame for her role being reduced. While Momoa was able to renegotiate his pay for Aquaman 2 from about $3million to $15million, Heard was unable to do the same and was paid $2 million for both the movies. According to Arnold, Amber should have been able to renegotiate her fee to as much as $6million. Arnold said that Heard’s total estimated loss due to negative press related to Johnny Depp was between $45million and $50million.

Meanwhile, fans have been continuously campaigning for Heard to be removed from the upcoming superhero movie. A petition started by fans to remove Heard from Aquaman 2 has crossed 4 million signatures.

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