Japan’s Uniqlo announces directorship changes to boost global growth


Japanese retailer Uniqlo Co, LTD, a consolidated subsidiary of Fast Retailing, has announced key changes to its executive leadership as part of its global expansion strategy. The firm has appointed Daisuke Tsukagoshi as the executive director, president, and chief operating officer (COO) of Uniqlo. Tsukagoshi, who currently serves as the global CEO of Uniqlo’s daily operations and as a board member, will take charge of the company’s global headquarters.

This move comes as Uniqlo sets high-level business targets to accelerate its global footprint. The changes in directorship aim to bolster the management structure and create a team that includes managers from various markets. This will enable the implementation of the company’s Zen-in Keiei management principle, a teamwork-focused approach that ensures coordinated action across all divisions and encourages a managerial mindset among all employees, Fast Retailing said in a press release.

Uniqlo Co, LTD, has made strategic changes to its executive team as part of its global expansion ambitions.
Daisuke Tsukagoshi has been promoted to executive director, president, and COO, and will oversee the company’s global headquarters.
Tadashi Yanai will continue to lead but with a new title as executive director, chairman, and CEO.

Tadashi Yanai, the current executive director, chairman, and president of Uniqlo will continue in his role but with a new title as the executive director, chairman, and chief executive officer (CEO) of Uniqlo. Yanai will also continue to guide the entire group’s strategic direction in his role as Chairman, President, and CEO of the parent company.

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