Invista licenses polymerisation tech to China Resources Yantai Nylon


With Invista’s leading expertise in nylon 6,6 production technology and process, this partnership continues to exemplify Invista’s commitment to promoting the development of the nylon 6,6 industry in China, meeting growing local demand with enhanced capacity and premium downstream applications, Invista said in a press release.

Representatives from both companies, Kyle Redinger, president of Invista and vice president of Invista Intermediates Asia Pacific; and Zhenda Zhu, chairman of China Resources Yantai Nylon Co., Ltd, attended the commemorating ceremony held recently, showing great expectations for the upcoming project.
Located in the Economy and Technology Developing Zone, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China, the new line is the first to be licensed with Invista’s nylon 6,6 polymerisation technology since 2015 and will use Invista’s patented nylon 6,6 salt process and advanced continuous polymerization technology, offering excellent safety and environmental performance, high reliability and run life, higher energy savings, lower operating costs, and excellent product quality for the nylon 6,6 industry.
“We are honoured that China Resources Yantai Nylon Co., Ltd has chosen to adopt Invista’s leading nylon 6,6 polymerisation technology for this new line. As with China Resources and all local partners, we look forward to working closely together for success on this new project and to identify additional opportunities for nylon 6,6 downstream applications, enabling strong growth as we contribute to the upgrading of the nylon 6,6 industry in China,” said Pete Brown, nylon polymer executive vice president, Global Intermediates, Invista.

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