Internet Troll Asks If Actors Like Nimrat Kaur Show Cleavage To Attract Men; Gets Rightly Schooled


The internet is full of trolls who go around spewing hate and offering opinions nobody ever asked for. The internet also loves telling women how they should or shouldn’t dress, mirroring society. In the most recent instance of a man refusing to keep his unsolicited takes to himself, a Twitter user decided to question women’s wardrobe choices using a screenshot of Nimrat Kaur’s picture. In it, the actress can be seen on The Kapil Sharma show. While she looked undeniably lovely, the Twitter user posed a creepy question and dropped a whole paragraph asking why women wear certain outfits if not to “attract men”. Yup, this is where you face-palm.

Twitter user @RetardedHut shared a Tweet featuring a pic of Nimrat Kaur, best known for her stellar performances in Lunchbox and Homeland. Addressing women in general, his appalling Tweet reads, “Ladies,I really want to know What purpose does such outfits exactly serve,If it is to attract men,then why? If not to attract men,then why?It’s a very genuine question and no bait,please tell me what is the actual purpose to show cleavage? Please.”

While the question is bizarre and plain rude, netizens decided to answer it with the most savage responses. Here are some of the best Tweets.

Well, consider the internet troll schooled!

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