Home Business An enormous titan is what? Titan size discussed by Rod Reiss AOT

An enormous titan is what? Titan size discussed by Rod Reiss AOT

An enormous titan is what? Titan size discussed by Rod Reiss AOT

120-metre Rod Reiss titan size is described. What in AOT is a Huge Titan? Giant Titan is often referred to as Colossal Titan. Titans of this kind are the strongest and most significant, except Rod’s extraordinary 120-meter form. It stands at 60 meters. It is regarded as the titanic form with the most power. 

Zeke Yeager is the most potent Warrior and Marley’s primary weapon against adversaries. At 120 meters tall, the Rod Riess Titan was the largest ever discovered. But even though it was twice as big as the Colossus Titan, the Huge Titan whose head protrudes beyond Wall Maria in the Fall of Shiganishima Arc, it was only 40 meters tall since it was dragging itself along on its belly. 

Why did Rod Reiss get a massive Titan form? Why haven’t the Marleyans used this form to build a Colossal Titan army?

It may be a combination of several factors. Reiss ingested a serum that was created explicitly for Historia. Only a tiny amount of the serum’s dosage was being ingested by him. As a member of the Reiss Royal Family, he may have ancestors who produced remarkable Titans. 

Titan Shifters

His Colossal Titan serum was administered. According to the Manga and anime, the serum might turn Historia into a “powerful titan.” What type of Titan is now the strongest? Shifters, of course. Except for the Colossal, they might turn into Pure Titans if they are unconscious. Rod Reiss, being the idiot he is, assumed it wouldn’t be a good idea for a Huge Titan of the 60-meter class to arrive in the cave. So I speculate that Rod became the abnormally large Titan. 

What caused Rod Reiss to transform into a vast titan instead of a regular-sized Titan? 

Many people think it’s because of the man’s digestion, but I have another theory. The first thing to remember is that it wasn’t how Rod ate it; instead, it was what he ingested. The most robust titan serum was him. The Colossus giant would seem the best from one angle since it is the most destructive, which is probably true. 

Second, the idea of objectives and willpower is central to the narrative. Rod had a strong enough desire to change into somebody that could achieve the goal, in my opinion. He was a giant in the sense that, no matter what purpose he had, it caused him to grow in size.

Rod Trond was descended from a royal family. Since Frida Reiss destroyed Historia’s memory despite not yet being the founding Titan, we already know that the royal family has considerable control over the citizens of Ymir. We are also aware that the foundation titan can control the size of the Titan. Due to their strong ties to Ymir and other elders, I contend that even the royals without the founding titan share part of the Titan’s power. Therefore, it’s possible that Rod persuaded Ymir to construct him so powerfully in his mind. Can Levi Ackerman grow to be a gigantic titan?

Eldian Emperors’ experimentation on the Ymir people led to the creation of Ackermans. The goal was to develop a species with superior combat prowess that could protect the Emperor. People, as a result, have the following skills: They can use titanic abilities while still being human, but they cannot become titans or acquire any of the nine titanic traits (Zeke Yeager previously mentioned it at some point in the Manga). The Ackermans are Ymir’s Subjects. However, they are immune to the Founding Titan’s power to alter Subject Ymir’s memories. 

Manga Spoilers for Huge Titan

Let’s examine the hint we can gather on how Titan bodies are made to explain matters. That comes after a blast hits Zeke’s lower torso. If I reveal what it means, it will be a major spoiler for anyone who mustered the bravery to continue reading after the spoiler alert. Ymir, a cute little girl, uses sand to rebuild Zeke’s body. The girl makes Titan bodies or repairs broken Titan and Titan shifter body parts, maybe in a distant reality where time moves much more quickly. Due to his royal heritage, Zeke can remember this when ordinary people cannot. 

Ackerman does not heal like other Titan shifters, as we have discovered from the Mikasa case, which is an additional intriguing feature. As a result, if I were to speculate how the process of switching to Titan works, it may go something like this: Let the serum soak into your body first. 

The serum communicates with Ymir by coming into touch with Eldian blood. She then constructs her Huge Titan body. Since they are Titan’s descendants, the Founding Titan, things are easier for Titan shifters. The author Isayama is ultimately responsible for finding a solution to this problem. He didn’t go into any detail about how the transformation concept works. The description above is only my hypothesis based on the facts in the table) and, more crucially, what biological distinctions Ackermans have. 


The Ackermans are Ymir’s Subjects. However, they are immune to the Founding Titan’s power to alter Subject Ymir’s memories. If I were to make a reliable judgment, I would base it on the claim made in the Manga. 

The Ackermans are powerless to fend against the total Titan control. In such a situation, probably, Ymir won’t be able to make Huge Titan body parts for them. Therefore, according to my argument, Ackermans cannot change into a Huge Titan

Rod became enormous after absorbing fluids from the Huge Titan. Humans that have received an average amount of titan fluid are known as regular titans. In essence, you may acquire particular talents by injecting titan fluid. Rod had a purpose in mind to regain the Titan that was founded, making him more significant than the enormous Titan because it was uncommon. He was determined to reach his objective since his desire drove him.