How To Get Massive Clouds From Your Vape: 4 Best Tips To Try

Coastal Clouds vape juice

If you have been vaping for a while, blowing out bigger vapor clouds may seem appealing, and it’s legit! Of course, most of us don’t go extreme, but getting thicker and massive vapor production is satisfying, especially for an advanced vapor. 

The good news is that you can easily enhance your vapor output and take your vaping experience to the next level. Although, it is mainly based on the type of vape juice and e-cig you use. 

Let’s talk about the tips for bigger and better clouds formation!

  • Most Important: Choose The Right Juice

Using the right e-juice has never been so important before! After all, it is the significant factor that influences the thickness of clouds. 

An e-juice is made from two basic components: VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol). While PG is responsible for elevating the flavor of the juice, VG provides thicker vapor density. So, if your ultimate goal is to relish intense clouds, an e-juice with higher VG content is an ideal choice.

Vape juices with a 100% VG ratio are also available in the market if you are a hard-core cloud chaser; however, they don’t taste good. For a perfect balance of flavor and vapor production, you should consider a VG: PG ratio of 70:30. 

Coastal Clouds e-liquids with 70:30 are highly recommended. They are premium quality e-liquids that will offer you bigger clouds with smooth throat hits along with delicious taste.

  • Use High-Performance Atomizer

Besides using the top-notch high VG Coastal Clouds e-liquid, you should also focus on the right type of vape device.

It’s always better to opt for high-performance vape devices rather than upgrading the current one. Sub-ohm tanks and rebuildable atomizers are a perfect fit for enormous clouds, as they come with low resistance coils that generate high power through the coils. 

  • Increase The Airflow

Basic rule: more the airflow, more will be the vapor.

If you use your atomizer at low airflow settings, the result will be concentrated and hot vapor, which does not disperse easily. They look small and leave a bad taste when exhaled. 

The simple tip is to increase the airflow of your vape upto almost double. This will enlarge the vapor quantity of Coastal Clouds e-juice and cool the temperature of the vape, leading to a comfortable and enjoyable vaping session. 

  • Boost Your Wattage

It’s simple: the power supply is directly proportional to the vapor production. 

You’ll enjoy whacking a great amount of vapor in a high-power setting (wattage). As more electricity flows through your vape, the more of your best Coastal Clouds vape juice is vaporized and the more vapor you get. 

However, you should know that pushing more power than required can damage your vape. So, we suggest you begin with low power settings and work your way up. 

These are some smart ways to boost your vapor production and enjoy massive & thick clouds. The goal is to choose the premium high VG e-juice, particularly *one* from Coastal Clouds and use it with an advanced atomizer in the right settings.

Blow The Best Clouds!