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How Can You Do SEO for Your Marijuana Business

How Can You Do SEO for Your Marijuana Business

People who have been in the cannabis business for quite a while will remember that at some point in the past, the newness of the legalized space was all businesses needed to sustain their business. However, as people discovered the benefits of cannabis, interest increased, which attracted a series of entrepreneurs. 

Today, the United States alone has over 9000 marijuana dispensaries. The effect of this is glaring – you must be intentional about standing out, or you might drown in the competition.  

This makes it essential to look for ways to stand out in this ever-growing market. Most traditional marketing efforts are a no-go area since cannabis has not been legalized at the Federal level. However, this does not mean you shouldn’t work on brand awareness through a proven SEO method. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the magic that can make this happen. It is not magic, as you have to intentionally give your website what it takes to rank and stand out among the competition. While SEO can be technical, it still holds the key to building organic web traffic to your page.

This article centres on ways to do SEO for your marijuana business

Write and Maintain a Blog

For your Huge Selection of Quality budget buds on  sale to be successful, you need content. Contents offer you a golden ticket to boost your SEO.  As long as you have helpful content, the ranking will be easy. Research shows that businesses that publish valuable and original content have about eight times site traffic than businesses that do not. Also, the conversion rate is six times that of the competition.

Publishing helpful content can boost your ranking, establish you as an authority in the field, and make the reader trust you. There is a high probability that they find other parts of your website, increasing the likelihood of converting them to paying customers.  

Here are helpful tips for writing good marijuana blog content:

  • Focus on providing valuable information rather than selling your product
  • Have a content strategy and create a calendar
  • Have a clear headline
  • Make your paragraphs short with bullet and numbered lists – have good formatting.
  • Ensure you have visuals – pictures, videos, and infographics 

Have a Google Business Profile

People located in your locality might prefer to walk into a local marijuana store to buy. As a result, they will likely search for “marijuana business near me,” It is only businesses that are listed on the Google My Business page in such vicinity that will show up. 

As a result, one of the most important things you can do for your business is creating such a page. It will index your name, phone number, and address with Google. With this, if people in your vicinity search for local marijuana businesses, your essential business details will show up. 

Consider Link Building

One of the most trusted ways to build your online presence is via link building. This is one of the central ideas of any SEO strategy. The more links you have, the more Google trusts your business, making it easy to rank on the first page. Google considers such links as trusts and pointers that your website has something meaningful and worthwhile. As a result, it finds you worthy of the front page. 

There are many ways to go about link building. Consider writing guest posts on high-authority blogs. Such a link is valuable, and Google will respect it. Encourage social media shares on your website. As long as you have helpful content, people will easily share your content. 

This is not about trying to fool Google using poor and shady links, as the source of the link also matters. Google is smart enough to penalize websites link coming from an untrustworthy source.

Consider Link Building

Optimize Your Site for Mobile

The number of customers who browse on their mobile has increased. As a result, if your website is not optimized for mobile, you are missing a lot. Records have it that over 80% of internet users access the web from their mobile phones – indeed, that’s huge.

A few years ago as well, Google released its Mobile-first index. This update implies that Google prioritizes the mobile version of any website and uses it for indexing, not the desktop version. 

This is another way Google puts users first, meaning that your marijuana website must be optimized for mobile users if you want to rank.

Consider Influencer Collaboration

Influencers are people that have positioned themselves as an authority on social media. They have a huge follower base and have people who believe and trust in them. You can leverage these persons to increase traffic to your marijuana business site.

You need not run targeted ads on social media since most platforms won’t allow it anyway. However, a picture of such influencers using your product or talking about it can go a long way to change people’s minds about it. As long as such influencers have a fan base with interest that aligns with yours, it is a strategy that will improve your SEO effort.

Consider Influencer Collaboration


Your cannabis website needs an effective SEO strategy to stand above the competition and improve sales. SEO holds the ticket to enhancing your website visibility and getting it before many people are interested in your product. 

Applying these strategies to your website is an investment that will yield tremendously in the future.


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