Here’s How To Hide ‘Typing’ On Your WhatsApp Chats


WhatsApp, among the biggest and most popular secure messaging services, provides its users with a variety of decent privacy options. As the service grows in popularity, users are looking for tips, tricks, and hacks to improve their experiences. Privacy settings seem to stand out more than others among the suggestions that most people seem to be interested in.

Unfortunately for privacy advocates, their online and typing status activities can be observed by their contacts when they are online. Although there is no official way to solve this, there are a few simple tricks that you can use. While not flawless, the end-to-end encryption it employs ensures that the messages you send to your contacts are safe from prying eyes.

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Disable data and wifi on your cellphone, and open WhatsApp and create that message without delay. So, using this simple method, you can adjust your connection time while simultaneously preventing the other person from seeing you “typing.”

This is the oldest and most legal method because using a third-party application like Flychat puts your account in danger. We advise against giving it synchronization permissions with WhatsApp if you do so. Also, if the program asks for permission to view your photo gallery, don’t use it.

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Although, there are a few minor aspects of WhatsApp that are inconvenient for everyone. Typing status is one of them. Many WhatsApp users claim that seeing this typing status for an extended period causes them to be bothered by repeated pings from their contacts.

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