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    Bridging the worlds of viticulture and distillation, Wölffer Estate Vineyard has announced an exciting partnership with Great Jones® Distilling Co., the first whiskey distillery in Manhattan since Prohibition. The two powerhouses introduce Great Jones x Wölffer Estate Cask Finished Bourbonan iconic and limited-edition Empire State collaboration celebrating the best New York ingredients, from barrel to bottle.

    Developed by two masters of their craft, distiller Celina Perez and winemaker Roman Roth, the limited-edition Great Jones Straight Bourbon undergoes a four-year aging journey in New American oak casks. Following this, the whiskey is finished for more than a year in Wölffer Estate’s carefully chosen Caya Cabernet Franc barrels. The bourbon is then expertly cut with Catskills Mountain water.

    Celina Perez and Roman Roth

    “This specialty release is a true New York State terroir collaboration and it has been a pleasure to work with an industry legend like Roman Roth,” says Perez, head distiller at Great Jones Distilling Co., situated in the heart of Manhattan’s historic NoHo neighborhood. “We started with a wide range of proofs and blends, and found an unspoken dialect in our shared passion to find that right flavor notes. It wasn’t just collaboration, it was fortuitous.” 

    The selection of the Caya Cabernet Franc barrel was purposeful, chosen for its uniquely refined sweetness characterized by dark cherry and fig notes inherent in the wine. On the nose, the liquid is a sensory delight with a golden swirl unveiling notes of sticky date pudding, Madagascar vanilla, kumquat, and dried pepper. On the palate, the flavor evolves into a harmonious symphony of spice and sweetness, featuring flavors like fig compote, crème brûlée, and dried corn husk. Bottled at 88 proof, this bourbon leaves a pleasantly lingering warmth—a celebration of the state’s best in every sip.

    Great Jones x Wölffer Estate Cask Finished Bourbon is a true New York State terroir collaboration

    “We started with a beautiful synergy of flavors between the berry notes of our Caya Cabernet Franc and the sweet notes present in the Great Jones Bourbon, and it has been a pleasure to watch how the whiskey had matured to a complex final spirit,’ says Roth, head winemaker at  Wölffer Estate, which spans approximately 175 acres in Sagaponack, New York. (The estate also owns 200 acres in Mendoza and 1,750 acres in Côtes de Provence, France.) “From start to finish, Great Jones was a perfect match for Wölffer Estate. Their professionalism, commitment to quality, and extensive resources made for an exceptional partnership.” 

    Add a NYC vibe to your bar cart with Great Jones x Wölffer Estate Cask Finished Bourbon

    Great Jones x Wölffer Estate Cask Finished Bourbon is available in select bars, restaurants and at fine retailers in New York State for a suggested retail price of $49.99. Visitors can purchase and enjoy the bourbon directly at the Great Jones Distillery, where, at the second-floor bar, they can also enjoy a signature cocktail featuring the label. 

    Visit and for more information on the collaboration and to purchase a bottle online.

    Photos courtesy of Great Jones x Wölffer Estate Cask Finished Bourbon




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