Google Announces AI Test Kitchen App For Beta Testing Of The Latest Language Models At I/O 2022


The American search giant revealed a bunch of new updates that will fall under the AI technology. Moving forward, we can clearly see that Google will be using a lot of AI technology in the future and the new upcoming features that were announced include multisearch that will allow a user to pair the image searches with the text searches and addition of support for 24 new languages in Google Translate.

Recently, Google has been facing a lot of problems and they even fired their employees for raising issues in the language models. Google’s AI language models have a lot of issues and the researchers are working on it. The company announced that they will be working on projects that will identify the problems such as AI bias and for this, they have announced a new app named AI Test Kitchen.

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The newly announced AI Test Kitchen from Google will allow some selected users to test the latest language models so that the errors can be identified easily. Just ahead of Google’s I/O, the company’s senior director of product management asked the latest language model to think that it is at a marshmallow volcano. To this the AI replied that “It’s erupting marshmallows and the feeling of giant rumble and ground shaking is coming”. It further added that the “marshmallows are flying everywhere”. AI’s reply made the senior director very happy.

Google will select the users who can access the new AI language model named, LaMDA 2, using the AI Test Kitchen app.

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