Don’t Waste Your iPhone Charge As You Can Finally Watch YouTube Videos On Apple Watch


You’ve probably never thought to use the little screen on your Apple View to watch videos. There isn’t a browser and Google hasn’t released an official YouTube app, with the exception of the occasional text movie (even though it does offer a YouTube Music for Apple Watch). Although the issue has been resolved, we won’t declare that it is a good idea.

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Based on the reports, you can now view YouTube videos on Apple’s wristwatch thanks to a brand-new third-party software called WatchTube. Given the limits of the screen, you’ll be using to navigate the UI, the app is rather straightforward, which makes sense. The algorithmic home page, search page, personal library, and settings are the four swipeable panels. Once you get the hang of things, it won’t take long. Additionally, you may view comments and turn on captions.

Despite its straightforward design, we found the app to be a little difficult to use. The tiny keyboard makes entering searches difficult, and it’s not always obvious whether you need to touch a second button to perform certain tasks, such as tapping on one of the suggested searches or pushing play on a video that you would have anticipated starting to play when you opened it.

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Despite having no visible network problems, videos regularly hung or gave errors. Since the app is still in its infancy and is currently running version 1.1.1, some or all of these problems may be fixed in the future. The June 15 update, which was the most recent, repaired several flaws and problems. But it largely functions. On the 2-inch watch screen, you may locate and view a video.

Videos won’t seem nearly as immersive as they do on your iPhone because of the Apple Watch’s square shape and the formatting’s addition of black bars. It’s undoubtedly a great concept, but it’s unlikely to become a must-have app for your Apple Watch app collection.

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