Chihuahua-sized robot dog developed


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We are all familiar with Sopt, the robot dog from Boston Dynamics who always shows us his new tricks. However, there is a smaller and less heavy four-legged automaton, which could even be configured to your liking.

Mini Pupper vía Kickstarter

It is Mini Pupper , a robot designed by MangDang , a company that specializes in the research, development and production of robotic products in collaboration with Stanford Pupper , founded by Nathan Kau. Right now this project is on Kickstarter.

The goal of its creators is to market “an educational quadruped robot at a reasonable price” with which anyone can carry out “fun robotics research and experiments”.

Image: Mini Pupper via Kickstarter.

What are the characteristics of the Mini Pupper?

His appearance appears to be that of a small breed dog and he looks a bit like Spot. Once fully assembled, the “little robot” measures 20.9 x 10.9 x 16.6 centimeters and weighs just over half a kilo (560 grams).

Image: Mini Pupper via Kickstarter.

The quadruped features an 800 mAh battery, a Raspberry Pi 4B processor that can be programmed in Ubuntu or ROS. You can jump, jog, run, map your surroundings, and learn from your surroundings in real time using a camera sensor.

It is also compatible with the latest OpenCV 3D camera module, called OAK-D LITE, which allows it to perform face detection, recognition, and object detection.

Its price will vary depending on the kit you want, in this sense, the most basic has a price of 220 euros (5,226 Mexican pesos approximately), it contains the basic parts without the 3D printed frame, while the complete kit has a price of 414 euros (9,822 Mexican pesos), according to Gizmodo .

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