Breath of Fire 1 Review

Breath of Fire

The  SNES itself made many classic RPGS with many of the games still having fans even by modern games like the older gamers a like and in regards to this game, it is still played by many people all around the world.

It was not common in the West to get it but in Japan, it was a very popular game to have overall.

The story has faced paced setup here you dream you spoke to the Dragon monster once that is over with you wake up in a burning building where you as the light Dragon get attacked by the Dark Dragon soldiers

Once the part is mostly over Sara turns you all into stone to try and save the Light Dragon people as such when you wake up from being Stone villagers you find out the building in your village have been burned only building be the village house or dragon shine which you use to save through the game and if you get killed you go back to here which is good since a lot of the past retrogame when you get killed often make you have to restart the game at the start unless you got it saved one way or another.

The first boss you meet in the game is a Slime monster you need to be at least level 6 to win here I suspect and be aware you will need to keep at least one herb here to use during the battle or in extreme cases 2 herbs but that should be more than enough to win this boss battle he’s pretty easy if you just keep attacking until he’s dead is the best way to win this boss battle nothing to complex here overall.

Once the battle is over with you can get up to around level 8 which is more than enough to take down the majority of the monsters in your current area easily with one hit taking down the majority of them overall.

Once this is done you will speak to the king who calls you a hero then he suggests you need to go to the enemy Zog base where you can only enter at night time so some of the guards will be asleep when you get into here  you will need to act like it’s metal gear solider so play in a secret way so you don’t get caught by the guards if so you will get thrown out then have to start the game again.

When you complete the main part of this area you will see Solider coloured knight he will be a lot harder than the first boss since he can heal unlimited times more less here and his thunder magic can make you lose 20 health each hit so try and make sure you have at least 30 health all the time to stop you losing the battle when possible.

I would recommend you have 7 herbs to be on the safe side once it’s over the battle you will be bought back to the last village you were act then get told about traveling to the East to find more characters such as your friend  will look bit like a cross between beer and wolf here.