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    While everyone around is talking about the creation of the metauniverses, including world stars, game developers, and even Facebook, there are teams that can already provide users with ready-made examples of such NFT universes. 


    In this article, you will learn about one of these projects, which combined all the features most demanded by game-fi users at once. 

    SharkRace Club is the first NFT collection with rarity upgrade and metaverse play-to-earn 3D RPG game.

    The most recent technologies were combined in the SharkRace Club, a global two-in-one project, which integrates NFT art and a play2earn game, providing maximum value and fun for its users. 

    Each NFT Shark buyer immediately becomes a member of the SharkRace Club and receives valuable club privileges such as access to the rarity upgrade platform and grant in project tokens (SharkCoins) and lifelong royalties, voting rights and staking preferences. 

    On top of that, as soon as you purchase a collectible NFT Shark, you receive a free game-pack with three different types of NFT meta-sharks and a gift-card for the play-to-earn game. 

    Club members can enter the game with any gaming meta-shark from their game-pack. Other two can be sold on the SharkRace marketplace.

    Shark Race Club Features

    Unique NFTs: Exclusive 20,001 pieces generative NFT Sharks collection was created by high-profile Cannes Lions awarded artists who have worked with top illustration brands including Disney, as well as created KV for the Olympics.

    Built on the BSC blockchain, the 3D collection has 1000+ hand-drawn traits ensuring that every NFT Shark owner gets a unique experience with his piece of art. Delivered in ultra-high 4K resolution (2400×2400), NFTs vary by rarity indexes and are distributed randomly.

    Cross-platform play-to-earn NFT game: The cross-platform 3D RPG play2earn NFT game, called the Shark Race, will be available in the second quarter of 2022. Deep down the shark’s metaverse, intelligent and ruthless meta-sharks will be competing for the RaceBank and premium NFTs deep down the ocean in the shark’s metaverse. Players can purchase extra skills, lives, boosters etc. Different gaming modes, leagues, and bids will be provided as well as three types of meta-sharks depending on your gaming style. 

    NFT rarity index upgrade: SharkRace Club members can boost their initial NFT Shark rarity index and multiply its utility by acquiring super-rare traits and GIF animation services from the Rarity Shop. The shop will resemble a regular online clothing store, where you can try on different items and see how they fit your NFT Shark. Each accessory comes as a separate NFT with its own rarity index. Once you click on a “dress” button, the smart contract burns the initial image of the NFT Shark and creates a new one which includes the trait. New images will be then added to your account and meta-data will be updated accordingly. The SharkRace Club is a safe space, where everyone is free to express themselves and become a true artist by customizing their NFT Shark, while obtaining a higher-level rarity asset.

    Currency: SharkCoin (SHRK) is a project token developed on the BSC blockchain. The total supply is 1 billion. The basic token price is $0.02. SharkCoin can be used in all operations, such as: buying an NFT, updating the rarity index, game transactions, marketplace, and it can also be staked. The team decided to take away a certain number of tokens from the Shark Shop sales and freeze them for 5+ years to stimulate the SHRK rate growth.

    Road Map

    February 22 , 2022 — IDO (SHRK)

    February 23-28 , 2022 — Mint Pass sale

    February 23-28, 2022 — NFT Collection pre-sale + INO

    March 03, 2022 — NFT Collection mint

    March 23, 2022   Shark Shop opens

    The launch of SharkRace RPG play2earn game is scheduled for April 2022

    Project’s Advisors and Backers

    The list of the project’s advisors: Theodore Agranat (, Kenzi Wang (AU21), Naveed Rao (Prostarter), Badger Wright (Qu Ventures), , Vladimir Nikitin (Shima).

    The list of project’s backers is no less impressive: Shima Capital, Prostarter, NFTb, Synapse,CSP Dao, NFTB Tech, IBC, Cryptology, AU21, Panda Capital, OIG Capital, Qu Ventures, INTR Venture, WealthUnion, Inazuma, Kaso2ka, MH venture, Legion, FishDAO, SL2, Crypto League, OxBull, Vietunicorn.

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