Apple Is Working On Face ID With Masks Feature; Bad News For iPhone 11, X, XR Users Though



A large portion of our digital lives are saved on iPhone and iPad, therefore it’s critical to keep that data safe. Face ID revolutionizes authentication using facial recognition in the same way that Touch ID revolutionized authentication using a fingerprint.

Reportedly, Face ID uses a state-of-the-art TrueDepth camera system with sophisticated technology to properly trace the shape of your face to deliver easy and safe authentication. Face ID is compatible with a wide range of headgear, scarves, spectacles, contact lenses, and goggles. It may also be used indoors, outside, and even in complete darkness.

In the newest developer beta of its iOS 15.4 patch, Apple is testing the “Face ID with mask” functionality. “To utilize Face ID with a mask on, relying on characteristics surrounding the eyes to verify the iPhone.”

Because masked face ID uses less biometric data than full-face face ID, there may be times when the user’s entire face cannot be recognized. In that instance, the user may be required to enter their passcode, according to Apple.

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Face ID, like the mask feature, employs a newly designed algorithm that focuses more on the eye area to validate the unlock because the nose and mouth, which make up a large percentage of face data, are covered. With each registered look, Face ID with mask feature will support up to four pairs of glasses.

Although Face ID is dependent on the “development of the TrueDepth camera system,” according to Apple. I’m not sure what this implies, but it appears that the new algorithm requires upgraded TrueDepth cameras, which were first introduced on the iPhone 12. As a result, only the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 generations will be able to use the disguised Face ID.

This indicates that the mask function will be removed from the iPhone 11, iPhone XR, and iPhone X generation iPhones. On certain iPhone models, Face ID will continue to function correctly. Face ID with a mask is not available on iPad Pro devices with TrueDepth camera technology.

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