4 Annoying Things That Drive Away Loyal Customers



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As a business owner you use all your resources on acquiring clients, so why aren’t your focused on holding onto them?

It’s worth noting that 95% of loyal customers spend 67% more than first-timers and it costs up to 7 times more to acquire new regulars than by retaining old ones.

Here’s why 82% of patrons permanently shun businesses following bad service…

Wait times

Nearly 60% of any kind of caller finds being on hold to be a frustrating part of the service experience.

I recently rang my phone carrier to inquire about my bill and the wait time to speak with a representative was 10 minutes. In my frustration of the elevator music and the repeated options of how to connect, I hung up.

I called another business and while the wait wasn’t quick, they stated they would call me in less than 10 minutes, if I provided a number. Someone actually valued my minutes!

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Self-service options

Using my phone carrier situation, prior to calling the company, I went to the self-service option on the website and found myself clicking, seeking and wondering why it was so complicated. The FAQs didn’t answer my question, the prompts weren’t helpful and I decided to use one of those interminable programs designed to simulate conversation with real-life customers.


This automation was created to instantly answer the most frequently asked questions. It’s cost-effective, but they are failing in many instances because they lack empathy and an inability to respond to a customer’s frustration.

I realized they are only programmed to assist with certain issues. It didn’t provide a resolution to my issue, nor did it connect me to a human representative leading me to make the dreaded call to support.

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Not my department

When I finally reached a support person—one that has been trained to assist customers with any issue—I shared my reason for calling. Then it happens: “That’s not my department”.

While 80% of businesses believe they provide superior customer service, only 8% of their customers agree.

The best way to ensure your clientele comes back is as simple as good service. 

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