White murder suspect, accused of burying Black employee’s body under septic tank, allowed bail



Triplett was only sent back to jail after violating the terms of his release and going to a bank, gas station, and restaurant. The bank teller recognized Triplett and reported him to authorities, KOCO reported. “What you saw here was a man who had an opportunity to get privilege,” the Mack family attorney Demario Solomon-Simmons told the news station. “He was given a bond based upon a privilege of who he was, and yet he’s so arrogant he couldn’t even adhere to those rules.”

Solomon-Simmons said the bank teller had been working at the business for 21 years. “She has a relationship with Mr. Triplett, yet she saw the gravity of his crimes so bad that when he came through, she said, ‘Oh, I can’t allow this,’” Solomon-Simmons said.

Triplett is next expected to appear in court on Thursday, KOCO reported.

Triplett’s attorney actually tried to excuse his client’s violating conditions restricting him to travel for attorney’s appointments, medical care, and court hearings, according to Oklahoma News 4. The defense called the gas and food stops “minor,” and said he only went inside of a Waffle House restaurant for about two minutes.

“If Brent Mack had killed Dan Triplett, shot him in the back and buried him underneath a septic tank, and then lied about it to his family for over a month, do you believe Brent Mack would get bond?” Solomon-Simmons asked in a statement The Associated Press obtained. “What other answer can you point to? I think the fact that he was (a) prominent white businessman who killed an African-American man played into the decision.”

Triplett’s attorney, Charles Mullen, didn’t respond to the news wire’s request for comment.

Authorities learned of Mack’s disappearance when his daughter, Raychelle Wilson, reported him missing to the Guthrie Police Department on Sep. 29, nine days after anyone had seen or heard from him, News 4 reported. “He worked with Dan for roughly about three years, and they had kind of a love-hate situation, I would say,” Wilson told News 4.

Triplett told Wilson that he fired Mack, paid him $1,000 in severance, and dropped him off in front of a laundromat, according to a probable cause affidavit News 4 obtained. Surveillance footage didn’t substantiate Triplett’s claim.

“Lt. Bruning asked Dan about locations where he dropped Mack off and Dan changed the location several times,” authorities stated in the affidavit. “Dan was shown a copy of the video footage showing him driving by the Holiday Laundry and not stopping. When confronted with the inconsistencies in the story, Dan became very red-faced and appeared to be angry.”

Triplett also claimed that he and Mack last worked together in Crescent, which is about 40 miles north of Oklahoma City, but authorities confirmed the two actually were last seen together in surveillance footage from Sep. 20, at a home about 20 miles northwest of Crescent in Mulhall. “It was apparent that two people arrive at the job site on Sep. 20, 2021, in Dan’s vehicle, but only one person is seen leaving,” authorities said in the affidavit. 

A local medical examiner later determined Mack had been hit with “a projectile in the chest cavity with an entry wound in the upper-left back,” according to the affidavit.

Triplett was charged with first-degree murder and desecration of a corpse, News 4 reported.

Mack’s family along with District Attorney Laura Thomas have fought to keep Triplett in jail. “We had strenuously objected when the judge set (bond) and were stunned she did,” Thomas said. “We are relieved that this first-degree murder defendant is back where he should be, and the family is also.”

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