Where to Buy and Sell Bitcoin Instantly and Safely


Buying and selling of cryptocurrencies is called trading or exchanging. It is a lucrative opportunity that many investors want to try today. With Bitcoin as the leading cryptocurrency, it is the preference for many investors. Both newbies and seasoned crypto traders are always wondering where to buy and sell Bitcoin instantly and safely to avoid the risks associated with digital coins.

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins and Ethereum is an online business as the coins are virtual. Therefore, you need a secure internet and a device to get access to apps, desktop apps, and website platforms.

Would you like to know where to buy and sell Bitcoin instantly? Popular exchanges are the right answer for you and we will list the most popular ones here.


Are you wondering where to buy and sell Bitcoin instantly in Turkey? NakitCoins has got you covered. You can download their app and buy or sell BTC instantly whether you are in Turkey or anywhere else in Europe. 

As a leading crypto trading exchange platform, it offers many options for investors such as mobile apps, desktop apps, web platforms, and physical exchange outlets in the country. 

Apart from buying and selling Bitcoin, NakitCoins also trade other popular coins, Social Media on Blockchain which is why it is best to check their website to learn more.


Paxful accepts over 350 payment methods and hundreds of coins as well. But for anyone who is looking for where to buy and sell Bitcoin instantly, the secret is in opening an account with the exchange platform.

Since they have a mobile app, desktop app, and web platform, investors will be spoilt for choice. The good thing is that it is a global exchange, so you can trade with Paxful even when traveling around the world.

As the name suggests, LocalBitcoins is a platform that is almost in every country in the world and trades in local currencies. It does not matter where you are, if you are looking for where to buy and sell Bitcoin instantly and safely, this platform will give you a lot of options. Whether you are buying or selling, you need to sign up with the platform and follow the terms and conditions of trading on LocalBitcoins.


Whether you have been in cryptocurrency for a few months now or you have been in investment for many years, Binance will be perfect for you. It is not only for those who are looking for where to buy and sell Bitcoin instantly and safely but also for other crypto investors.

Just like other platforms, you need to sign up to buy or sell crypto instantly with Binance. So, follow suit to benefit.


Although Coinmama started as a small exchange in Israel, it is now popular in many parts of the world. It is suitable for both newbies and seasoned Bitcoin investors. On top of buying and selling BTC when you open an account, you can also trade many other coins. So, check it out.

With this and the other platforms we have mentioned, buying and selling crypto is fast and safe. However, there are many other platforms you may want to consider. Do your research well and you will not be disappointed.