Warner Bros. Unveils 6 Million DC Trading Cards With Redeemable NFTs; Here’s How You Can Own One



Warner Bros has partnered with Cartamundi to create the world’s first ever hybrid collection of DC cards. 6 million trading cards with redeemable NFTs too! NFT connoisseurs in the DC fandom are gonna go batshit crazy about this. These cards will feature a legion of 155 different supes from the DC comic universe. The NFTs will be minted on Ethereum’s sidechain Immutable X.

A few limited edition cards will also be released featuring the latest Batman franchise featuring heartthrob Pattinson. Fans will be able to unlock a multiverse of DC superheroes and villains.

The hybrid cards will range between $5 to $120. To redeem the NFT collectibles, patrons will have to download a mobile app called Hro. the NFTs will be redeemable and the buyer can sell ‘em too. Each hybrid card is embedded with a unique QR code that links the physical cards with their NFT replica.

Established in 1765, Belgium based Cartamundi is the world’s leading board game and card games company. The company has released other NFT card games too in the past. Cartamundi acquired United States Playing Card Company (USPC) in 2019. The acquisition brought some of the most popular brands including BIcycle to its fold. Cartamundi literally means Cards For The World in Latin.

Speaking about the Trading Cards, Pam Lifford the President of Warner Media Global Brands and Experience remarked that it has been the most passionate hobby globally amongst the fans. The card owners will also be able to interact with other collectors too. Collectibles with rare cards are often sold off for millions in auctions.

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