Want To Tone and Strengthen Your Pelvic Muscles: Learn How To Use LELO Luna Beads

LELO Luna Beads

A number of people want to use LELO Luna Beads for both tone and strength. However, because of lack of information they are not able to do so. So are you someone who wants to learn how to use this sex toy in the right manner? This is the piece of information for you. Here we have explained what precisely luna beads are and how they can be used without facing unwanted issues. Therefore, without any further ado, let us get started.

Understanding LELO Luna Beads

 A number of women believe that active kegel exercises using LELO Luna beads can allow them to tone and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles in the right manner. Unlike other traditional methods, LELO Luna beads do the work perfectly. For any of you who do not know what they are, well luna beads are known to be premium quality exercise balls. Made by the professionals, they are renowned for their top notch quality and amazing design. Coming to the weighted balls, they are ideal for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, in addition to this, they also enhance the sensation of improving the technique of exercising. The best part about luna beads is they offer a comfortable fit inside the vagina. Therefore, if you are having second thoughts while using it, know that it is completely safe, and using it won’t be a mess at all. Do yourself a favor and get hold of LELO Luna Beads today. Shop for the same from us, at Joujou Luxe LELO Specialist. We have been in the business for years and take pride in delivering top quality products. Apart from luna beads, we also provide LELO Ina 2, and other sex toys that will surely fulfill your sexual desires.

With that being said, let us understand how to make use of luna beads for kegel exercises.

How to use luna beads for tone and strengthening?

It is an undeniable fact that premium quality luna beads can be used for proper strengthening when it comes to the legal exercises.

Active pelvic floor training can allow a female to enjoy the following benefits. Check them out.

  • Better intimacy
  • Enhanced sensation
  • The bladder control gets better
  • Pelvic support is restored
  • Tone and strengthen pelvic floor muscles
Take note: If you are practicing kegel exercises with luna beads, understand that you should not face any discomfort while hacing sex or once you are done with the exercise. If the same takes place, make sure to take a break from the exercises for some period of time.

Now let us find out how to use luna beads for kegel exercises.

Step one: Make sure to wash your hands before getting started. Put some water based lubricant on one side of the luna beads, and you can get started.

Step two: Insert the beads in a way that it becomes simple for you to sit above the pelvic floor muscles. Make sure to insert the bead gently. Now, stand up with one foot resting on a stool. If you can rest on a floor, do so. Your pelvic muscles are somewhat two to three cm within your vagina. Therefore, the beads should be able to sit right above them.

Follow these steps and we bet that using luna beads for kegel exercises won’t be a hassle.