Video customer service, the future of contact centers is here


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Due to the great exposure that companies have today through social networks and digital sales channels, the need for a strategy that focuses on current customer requirements is paramount and a great differentiator from the competition . In this way, customer service can transform the shopping experience into something memorable, building customer loyalty.


“Contact centers have gone from being centralized to distributed physical spaces, being driven by cloud technology,” says MovigoO CEO Luis Flores, who also adds that, “currently, companies are boosting their communication channels. digital chat, but video is going to be new voice. Since customers seek to be closer ”.

According to Luis Flores, “the video allows us to develop a more real and personal connection with clients. Video calling is the medium that most closely resembles physical presence and allows you to connect regardless of the distance that exists, fostering the credibility and trust of consumers by seeing who they have in front of them. In addition, it modernizes the image of the company that uses it ”.

To implement a contact center strategy based on video calls, certain requirements are needed for the result to be successful. “It is important to worry about the quality of the video and the audio. Additionally, it must be taken into account that the environment in which the video call is to be made is in accordance with the type of service that is going to be provided and that this functionality is integrated into the omnichannel solution to maintain consistency and persistence of interactions with the client, “added Flores.

Currently, contact centers with video calls are already being implemented in Latin America with solutions such as those delivered by Movigoo, where it can be found as a new channel integrated into omnichannel. A large number of companies from different industries are incorporating this new service channel, among which the insurance, banking, pharmaceutical, digital retail, help desk, transport and telemedicine industries can be highlighted, but it is expected to expand to other sectors quickly.

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