Understanding The Difference Between Home Health Care & Companion Home Health Care

companion home health care

With everyday routine, office work, running errands, and so much more, one does not have enough time to spend time with their loved ones. In addition to this, it becomes difficult to take care of the elders if they are ill or have undergone a surgery. As a result, what happens is they either get more sick or are unable to perform their daily tasks in the right manner. Therefore, if you have an elder member in your family who needs help with everything, opting for companion home health care is the right thing to do. Nevertheless, before getting started, it is essential to determine the difference between home health care and companion home health care because both of these terms sound alike. Henceforth, let us get started with the article without delaying any further.

Home Health Care

Home health care is most of the time referred to as medical home health or skilled home health. Basically, it is at home support for elders who have recently got discharged from the hospital. In addition to this, the service is also provided to someone who cannot visit a doctor’s clinic every now and then. Next, the service is also suitable for someone who has been prescribed for rehabilitation after a certain injury or some severe chronic health conditions.

Home health care consists of the following services. Check them out.

  • Determining the health status of a patient.
  • Medical assessments
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Wound care
  • Administering prescription medicines to the patients.

If you are someone who wants to opt for this service, know that home health care is covered by insurance. If you are prescribed the same by a doctor, these are the services that are basically covered by private insurance policies, medicare, and veterans benefits. Medicare takes pride in paying about twenty percent of the cost if the services are approved by a care plan.

Companion Home Health care

Companion home health care is explained as a form of home care providing top notch non medical services to elder people of the society. The notice of companion home health care is basically providing socialization and emotional support with numerous tasks including the following. Give it a read.

  • Doing dishes
  • Light housekeeping
  • Running errands
  • Planning appointments
  • Preparing meals
  • Grocery shopping
  • Communicating with other members of the family
  • Handling entertainment
  • Handling socialization

Now that you have understood the difference between home health care and companion home health care, it is time to determine which one is apt for the elders at your home. Keep in mind their medical and personal requirements, and see which service will make sense to them. Also, make sure to get in touch with reliable and experienced professionals only.

The Final Takeaways

We hope this piece of information has been useful to you. Browse through the internet to find more about the differences between home health care and companion home health care. Also, you can straight away speak to your doctor, and get answers to your queries. They will be more than happy to serve you.