Trump-allied Republicans threaten Jan. 6 committee and anyone who ‘aids’ them



There are only two Republicans willing to stand against treason and both are now being targeted by their party for doing so.

In the news today: After still-disgraced, still-disgraceful Newt Gingrich told a Fox News audience that those probing the Jan. 6 insurrection could be jailed if the Republicans regain Congress, the two Republican members of Jan. 6 special committee responded to Gingrich’s fascist outburst. The Republican insistence on retaliating against anyone who so much as investigates the origins of the insurrection, however, is only getting more encompassing; those “aiding and abetting” the investigation will be cut off from the legal fund meant to help Trump’s allies. Does that count as witness tampering? One wonders.

Elsewhere, the Biden administration and military advisers are contemplating new troop movements in Europe meant to shore up the NATO frontline against Russia’s new aggressions, and a small Alabama town is getting nationwide attention for some very shady-sounding “policing.”

How shady? It’s hard to read through the details without thinking that somebody in town government is going to end up in prison before this all shakes out.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:


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