This ‘Virtual Land’ Project Is Dropping a New Token



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Land ownership is fundamental to the human experience. From the first days of civilization, humans have been drawn to the idea of owning land. Today, in the digital age, a new form of land ownership is emerging – virtual land ownership.


And as the internet has advanced, so have the desires of humans, to take what is theirs to the next level. Now, using the power of blockchain and NFTs, what we previously thought impossible is a very real prospect – From owning digital pets to upgrade and battle, to building and racing immutable, publicly stored race cars, the possibilities are endless. 

Next Earth is a company that is creating a fully DAO-controlled, interoperable, totally democratized Metaverse where users have true digital ownership over their avatars. Next Earth leverages the surface of the Earth as a starting point for the project. 

Virtual landowners will have access to powerful tools and capabilities, and will be able to run businesses and participate in the DAO governing the Metaverse. Their income will come from the activity that takes place on the platform.

Next Earth envisions a future where the democratized use of virtual reality and user-generated content creates a flourishing virtual world. However, this world will be sustainably rooted in a self-sustaining Metaverse economy. This innovative approach aims to ensure that the virtual realm remains an inviting and accessible place for all.

Next Earth is preparing to launch their much anticipated token on January 27th, 2022, while the pre-sale starting a few days earlier, on January 22nd. The pre-sale will take place on a DEX, while the full launch will unveil on the newly introduced Next Earth Launchpad, which will allow any Next Earth user owning at least $100 worth of land to participate. After the token launch, token holders will be able to stake their NXTT on their land to earn rewards and access other bonuses.

The metrics seem to indicate that Next Earth has been a hit since its launch. With 30,000 registered users, 180,000 virtual land owners, and 2,418 transactions worth $717,843, Next Earth has generated a total of $8 million in income. 

In addition, Next Earth has donated $800,000 (10% of its sales volume) to environmental initiatives. Given the great results Next Earth has had, we believe that this a strong reflection of the potential of the metaverse space as a whole.

The company’s significant sales focus is on high-value landmarks, such as the New York MET, which was purchased for $100, and then resold for $32,000. Other sales achievements include the Pyramids, Colosseum, many stadiums, and points of interest that sell for similarly high values.

Next Earth is committed to remaining a truly democratic platform, and will publish a series of proposals called NEIPs (Next Earth Improvement Proposals) that will shape the future of the platform and serve as a roadmap. These proposals will be voted on by the community and will be essential in ensuring that Next Earth remains a valuable resource for people all over the world.

Projects like these are changing the way that we think about land ownership and ushering in a new era of digital democracy. With its upcoming token launch, Next Earth may even become a key player in virtual land ownership.

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