This one thought Tomi Lahren and Don Trump Jr. had the answers (oops)


Fact check

“He’s really misinformed and ill-qualified” to be conducting such a test, said Thomas Fuller, an associate professor of health sciences at Illinois State University and member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association, who reviewed the video for

Fuller, a certified industrial hygienist, said the main issue with Neff’s test is that the meter, placed underneath the various masks, is picking up Neff’s own exhaled breath — which contains about 16% oxygen and includes other gases, such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen. “What he’s measuring is what he’s breathing out — it’s the gases that are taking up the concentration in that enclosed space,” Fuller said.

The video claims that masks block oxygen, but turns out the dumbass is measuring exhaled breath. So yeah, by definition it’s going to be severely lacking in oxygen. 

But really, you don’t even need experts to note the absurdity of the claim. Billions of people are wearing masks every day without any problems. Most people aren’t delicate snowflakes who can’t stand the burden of a simple piece of cloth on their face. 


“Random area person makes claims but we are local Fox News so why would we bother fact checking?”


Spoiler: Fauci did not go down. 


Wait a second, look at the close caption of the video still: “Larry have muted you by accident. You’ve got to unmute …” 

Oh, you know that’s just riveting material ha ha ha ha!


They are a parody of themselves. 

“Dictator,” from someone who has avidly pushed the Big Lie and has worked to subvert our very democratic process to install Donald Trump against the wishes of the American electorate. 

“Dictator” my ass. Every seditious traitor at Fox can go fuck themselves. 


You want to see the simple questions? My answers in bold. 

To the mindless followers of the world, for well over a year now you’ve done everything in your power to bend us to your will. You’ve harassed those of us who refuse to take on your fear as well. And whenever someone dares stand up against you with logic, you fail to provide any justification for your willful ignorance. Truth doesn’t mind being questioned. It’s lies that don’t like to be challenged. So to prove to you just how many lies you’ve chosen to believe, I have some questions for you.

1. If it’s so effective (the vaccines), why are we being bribed to take it with food and drinks that make us even more unhealthy?

For the same reason Apple and Coke and Samsung advertise on TV. To build awareness and interest. It’s called “marketing.”

2. If it’s so dangerous (the virus), why hasn’t the homeless population been completely eradicated by it?

Because it doesn’t kill everyone. COVID has killed lots of homeless, but we just don’t know how many for all the obvious reasons. 

3. If people are so scared of coming down with it, why aren’t they just staying home and leaving the rest of us alone?

About 70% of Americans have gotten at least one vaccine shot. Why should the majority stay home because of a petulant minority? How about the plague rats stay home, and everyone else can go about their business?

4. How do the plastic dividers at the grocery store checkout lines protect you when the cashier will touch everything you had in your cart before you take it all home yourself?

COVID isn’t transmitted via surfaces. It doesn’t matter what the cashier touches, unless perhaps you snort your food packaging. That’s because COVID is transmitted via spit particles floating in the air. 

5. If we still have to cover our faces after getting it (the vaccine), how effective is it in the first place?

Glad you asked! It’s extremely effective.


6. How many times does the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have to change their guidance before you realize they have no idea what they’re talking about altogether?

That’s the fun part about a novel virus: We just don’t know enough, and so you do the best you can and make adjustments as new information comes in. Does a coach go into a game knowing exactly how everything will play out? No! They make adjustments as the game plays out. Not sure why that’s not self-evident. 

7. If public health is worth giving away medicine for free, why aren’t medications being given away for free to treat other illnesses?

Answer is “Republicans.” Vote Democratic and they will be. 

8. Why do professional athletes get to have bare faces while playing, breathing, and sweating all over each other, but you have to cover your face if you want to go watch them play in person?

Well, considering that the NHL just paused its season because of the omicron outbreak, the NBA has cancelled a bunch of games, and all leagues are suffering player outbreaks … maybe this is not the best example. 

9. Why did the richest people in the world get $1.2 trillion richer in the past year while those in the working class were furloughed or laid off all together?

Uh, “Republicans.” We would tax their wealth and use that money to continue providing poverty-fighting tools like the Child Tax Credit. 

10. Why is it so important that we cover our faces when we walk into a restaurant, but not important once we get to our table?

It’s a stupid compromise to keep working class people working and furloughed or laid off altogether. And it might even have some utility if you’re walking close to other people. Best to keep COVID germs as contained as possible if someone is contagious. 

11. What were the reasons for the one-way lines in grocery stores when we were all breathing the same air anyways?

Social distancing. Masks also helped. 

12. Who exactly are you protecting by covering your face while driving alone in your car?

Why do you care what people do in the privacy of their cars? 

13. If you are so concerned with cross-contamination, why aren’t gas pump handles wiped down the same way door handles are?

COVID isn’t transmitted via surfaces. That’s why everyone got to chill on the “sanitize everything” kick we were on when we had no idea how COVID spread. 

14. Why were small family-owned businesses forced to close while big box retailers raked in record profits this whole time?

Because people shop at Wal-Mart instead of their locally owned shops. This is the story that’s been playing out for decades. Small-town downtowns were decimated long before COVID arrived.

15. If the very air we breathe out is so contagious, why aren’t we forced to put face coverings in biohazard containers after use?

Because COVID can’t be transmitted via surfaces. You’re blocking some COVID-containing spit from circulating in the air. 

16. What purpose do keypad protectors serve when everyone touches the same protectors time after time with their bare hands anyway?

None, really. COVID isn’t transmitted via surfaces. But then again, who cares? 

17. Why aren’t students allowed to share anything in the classroom but are allowed to play with the same ball during recess?

COVID isn’t transmitted via surfaces. And outdoors is safer than indoors. 

18. At the doctor’s office why are we forced to cover our faces and sign in on a touchpad, but then get handed a pen by a barehanded receptionist to fill out our paperwork?

Every doctor’s office I went to had clean and dirty pen bins. Then the dirty ones were wiped clean before being made available again. But turns out, not really necessary! COVID isn’t transmitted via surfaces.

19. Explain why fast food drive-thru workers can put your bagged food on a tray to hand to you but have no problems touching our cards or money with bare hands?

Every fast food worker has to wash their hands after handling cash. Cash is nasty as shit. What does that have to do with COVID?

20. How are you protecting yourself by wearing gloves everywhere when you touch your phone and your face with those gloves as well?

Turns out gloves weren’t necessary. 

21. Why does no one mention that the disposable face coverings are only intended for single use?

Face masks stop saliva particles containing disease from floating around in the air. Not all of it! That’s why it’s important for everyone to be masked. Disposable masks can be worn as long as they’re functional.

22. If health is really the goal, why aren’t people encouraged to exercise with the same regularity that they are encouraged to do whatever the CDC recommends?

Because Michelle Obama suggested people eat more healthily and you asshole conservatives lost your mind. Also, the CDC recommends exercise

23. How important is covering your face and social distancing when you’re the first ones to break social distancing and get in our face to scream at us when we refuse to comply with your draconian mandates?

Oh shit. You better mask up to protect yourself from those scary liberals!

24. Why do airlines repeat the lie that wearing face coverings is a federal law when the law itself is unconstitutional to the core?

Has the Supreme Court said the law is unconstitutional? No? Then it’s the law. 

25. If you have to social distance while waiting in line to board your plane but sit on that plane next to someone else, what’s the point of social distancing in the first place?

Planes have extremely advanced filtration systems that circulate and scrub the air every three to four minutes. It might be one of the safest places to be. The airport, on the other hand, is a cesspool, and it terrifies me and I can’t fathom why we still don’t have a vaccine mandate to enter them. 

26. Since face coverings are such a big deal to you, why isn’t there one single universal approved face covering required by all establishments?

Now you want communist face masks? 

27. Which do you really fear more? The virus, or independent thought and freedom altogether?

I really fear ignorance and stupidity, because it’s the best thing to ever happen to the virus, which I also fear, because I don’t need to live in a false binary world full of stupid false equivalencies. 

28. Why do you trust the TV more than you trust your own eyes?

People still watch TV? Look, it’s your friends doing all the COVID dying, not mine. Blaming hospitals or “TV” isn’t going to change that reality.

29. When will you value your freedoms more than you value absolute compliance?

I value my freedom to stay alive. And even more importantly, I value my kids’ freedom to have a dad who will be around to love and support them for as many years as possible.

30. What more will it take for you to stop following orders and start questioning the narrative?

… say the Fox News addicts.

The critical thinkers of the world await your response. Get busy, we’ve got time, and trust me, we are all ears.

Glad I could help! 

Seriously, they think every one of those is a winning GOTCHA! Every single one of them was dumb.


“If this thing someone made up is true, then someone needs to start doing some ‘splaining!” 

This dumbass, of course, is triple vaxxed. 


9,748 Washington residents die of “not so rare” COVID, most of whom didn’t receive Johnson & Johnson … or any other vaccine.

So let’s see … 9,748 to one. Not much of a contest, is it. 


So what you are saying is that masks do work. You just refuse to wear even the most practical option for mass adoption and usage. 


Guys, the weird goatee guy in the dim room with 1970s wood paneling is more credible than the entire scientific and medical community. Ideological validation is a hell of a drug!

Meanwhile, the lawyer representing the America’s Frontline Doctors quacks is Thomas Renz, who is an impressively effective grifter.

Renz, who became a licensed attorney only months before the pandemic began, has rapidly gained prominence among covid-19 skeptics for leading federal lawsuits in six states that challenge shutdowns, mask mandates and the safety of vaccines while alleging that the danger of the virus has been overblown.

Anti-vaccine groups, conspiracy theory enthusiasts and far-right media have embraced him, and his best-known client, the group America’s Frontline Doctors, calls him part of a “Legal Eagle Dream Team.”

It is a highly visible role for Renz, 44, who passed the Ohio bar exam in November 2019 on his fifth attempt and has limited litigation experience, according to a Washington Post examination of his career.

Before becoming a lawyer, he worked an array of jobs, including at a nonprofit that told The Post it terminated him and at a rural credit union. Two female employees at the credit union accused him of repeatedly making sexually suggestive comments at work and one alleged he touched her breast in 2014, according to letters the women wrote to the credit union’s chief executive that were obtained by The Post.

Checks out. He’s definite “hero of the right” material. Dumb, misogynistic, predatory, and opportunistic. 


Yeah, not much of a mystery why she died, huh? God is totally rolling Her eyes right now. Had Dear Aunt masked and vaccinated, she’d be gearing up to spend Christmas with family. 

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