If there is one area that has not suffered from the recent pandemic unlike others, it is that of e-commerce. Indeed, online sales have seen an upsurge in the past  two year and the sector is booming.

But, if some consumers have already adopted this mode of purchase, many others are not convinced and do not cross the course. This may be your case. If you are still reluctant to buy your groceries online, here are some elements that will help you position yourself in an informed manner.

The Positives

However, there are many benefits to having groceries delivered to your home. These are also the ones that drive consumers to take an interest in this method of purchasing.

Save on shopping time

Shopping physically can take a colossal amount of time. It is not uncommon to browse multiple stores to find the items you are looking for.

Similarly, in a supermarket, browsing the shelves with your basket and searching the stalls takes a lot of time. When shopping online, you only need a few clicks to “dig up” the products and add them to your basket. The hardest-to-find items are now just a click away. In no time, everything is ordered and ready to be delivered!

No big baskets to carry

Apart from shopping time, transporting purchases is sometimes one of the most annoying parts of offline commerce. For those who are transported, it is not so dangerous! But walking to different stores and then carrying them home is in itself an activity worthy of the Olympics.

One of the big advantages of online commerce is the absence of this step. No need to stroll through the city with your arms full, your boxed packaged goods are delivered to you on the landing. A great relief for many.

Comparing items is easier

Lovers of coupons and discounts find their account on the net. By shopping online, you no longer need to rummage through store catalogs to find bargains.

Sites allow you to easily compare prices between various stores in order to maximize savings. This is a plus that is certainly not to be overlooked!

Access to reviews from previous customers

There are reviews for virtually every article on different sites and often even by video on platforms such as YouTube. This easy way to get feedback from the community allows you to make the best choice among the items you want to buy.

You can thus opt by taking note of previous experiences, noted by consumers such as you. It seems interesting, before any order, to read the reviews on the item you want. Satisfaction will be all the greater.

The Negatives

Of course, nothing is totally positive. If there are many advantages in this mode of purchase, there are nevertheless some significant disadvantages.

Delivery costs

Having your purchases delivered to the comfort of your living room is a very pleasant but very expensive luxury. Indeed, delivery costs are costs that must be made profitable by the seller and it is up to the customer to pay them. If this service is regular, these delivery costs become an expense to be considered in the monthly charges so as not to strain your budget.


Anyone who talks about buying online inevitably raises the issue of the security of confidential information. There is always an associated risk when it comes to using your credit card to make purchases online, because failures of the security system can expose your private and confidential information. This is why it is important to be vigilant and to check the site in order to reduce the risk of hacking personal data.

More complex returns

It is not excluded that you are dissatisfied with the products received and that you wish to return them. However, by having you delivered to your home, returns are more complex. Supplier return policies may be different when buying online or in person, Bottled and jarred packaged goods, once opened are harder to return, if at all. Cases of frustration on the part of customers who have not been able to return items have indeed appeared. It is therefore important to be well informed on this subject.

 of groceries thus promises various and non-negligible benefits for all consumers. However, it is important to be aware of the few disadvantages that may arise and to choose your method of purchase accordingly.