December 6, 2021

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Somebody Made The Monstrosity That Is Rasgulla Chaat And Twitter Can’t Stomach It


Cryptocurrency is something that I don’t understand. But there is something else that keeps me up at night. And it is the horror of food trends that goes in the name of experimentation. The sheer fear of what food bloggers will dish and plate up as the next viral sensation in the culinary word. Hey, can you blame me? First they came up with maggi in a freaking milkshake, followed by the separation of butter chicken from naan; it was golgappe instead. And now, they want to push another abomination down our throats! Like sweet chaat wasn’t enough, they are ruining the signature sweet dish from East. One that has Odisha and Bengal fighting like school peeps over shared stationery.

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If you haven’t seen it already, Twitter has stumbled upon something called Rasgulla (its Roshogulla fellas) Chaat and *yikes* I haven’t tasted the monstrority (and I will never) but even the look it is puke inducing, all offense intended to people salivating looking at it (if any).

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Needless to say, it is the talk of the town for obvious reason. With quote tweets and retweets every minute, the video of the making has gone viral and how. With cashew, raisins, imli chutney and what not. While most believe the end is near, the rest are poking some fun by wondering how did the creation miss cheese! See for yourself.

For the last time guys, LEAVE ROSHOGULLA ALONE. YES, IT IS ROSHOGULLA AND NOT RASGULLA. Please go back to eating your idlis on ice-cream sticks!

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