Senate battle for voting protections; Supreme Court rejects latest Trump gambit



Members of the Congressional Black Caucus stood outside the Senate doors today to urge senators to protect voting rights.

In the news today: Tonight saw the latest Senate battle to protect voting rights even as Republican-held state legislatures pass unprecedented rollbacks targeting those rights. What’s next is unclear, but Democratic leaders organized the vote tonight as a move to force the two Senate Democratic holdouts—as well as all Senate Republicans—on record for blocking the urgently needed protections.

Also this evening, the Supreme Court rejected a Trump demand that the National Archives refuse a congressional request for administration records pertaining to the violence on January 6. Justice Thomas was the lone dissenter. And as congressional investigators probe the Trump White House’s involvement with that violence, there are new signs that the Department of Justice’s investigation is also now looking into connections between insurrection planners and Trump’s inner circle of allies.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:


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