Saturn Is Eating Off Its Own Rings, Says Scientists


If an argument comes like what’s the most beautiful planet in the solar system, it’s Saturn hands down. It appears royal in the night sky with its majestic rings wrapped around it. Everyone enjoys looking at Saturn through a telescope and gets mesmerized by its beauty.

But, here’s a twist for Saturn fans as the planet may soon lose its glittering rings. The rings are made up of dust, rock, and ice which are said to be over ten million years old. This might sound a bit cliche, but not as old as the big bang theory occurred.

The thing that makes Saturn unique from the rest of the planets is its gigantic rings. But, imagine looking at Saturn through a telescope and finding no difference between Saturn and other planets. Gosh! It feels painful right?

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However, the thing that’s hurting even more is that Saturn is destroying its rings and this phenomenon is called ‘Ring Rain’.

What’s really happening is Saturn is attracting the ring matter towards it which leads to vapourising the rings. Shockingly, ten tonnes of Saturn rings are falling prey every second.

But, we need not worry as the process takes at least 100 million years for the ring core to disappear and 300 million years to completely wipe off the rings.

Even though it wouldn’t happen in our lifetime, the thought of its destruction is giving us chills!

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