Republicans are known for dodging questions, but this Tennessee lawmaker takes it to the next level



Johnson responded, “I don’t know if I’m prepared to divulge that. I don’t know if I need to make that—that’s private legal counsel of the caucus.”

Those in attendance can be heard wondering aloud what kind of ridiculous answer is this. Sen. Robinson, more legitimately stunned by Johnson’s response, replies, “Okay. I know we represent the public,” and tries again: “Did they provide you legal advice?” Johnson responds, “Yes, they did.”

At which point Johnson asks Robinson whether or not the Democratic caucus “sought legal counsel,” which is the intellectual equivalent of Jack Johnson saying, “I know you are but what am I?”

Robinson responds: “We’re voting on your map. We’re voting on your map, and so I’m asking a question. Did they give you legal advice regarding this map?” State Sen. Johnson says “they” did.

Erik Schelzig, editor of the Tennessee Journal tweeted out, “Sen. Johnson is asked who advised the Senate on redistricting map. Weirdly, Johnson declines to say. Spoiler alert: It was John Ryder.” John Ryder is a “contributor” to The Federalist Society.

The Tennessee state senator is no stranger to being a corrupt piece of shit. Back in 2014, Johnson joined a fellow Tennessee Republican named Johnson (Curtis), in the grand hypocrisy of saying while they believe in a no regulations, free market, would champion an insurance company-sought bill that would add regulations that stripped away consumer protections by ridding the marketplace of legal funding companies that can help consumers challenge them in court. 

Cagey much?


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