Pandemic school closures aren’t about politics; court weighs Trump immunity claims



Local schools are closing because of pandemic realities during the worst U.S. surge yet, not because they’re trying to make your invented ideologies look bad. Get over yourself.

In the news today: Many of the nation’s most prominent voices are now quite sure that school closures during a pandemic are a political stance—and that’s as good an example of the stakes-free nihilism of our political punditry as you might find. There are a lot of schools closed right now, but the reason isn’t politics: There are simply so many teachers sick with COVID during the omicron surge that schools don’t have enough staff to function—and so many children out sick that teachers can’t continue lesson plans anyway. And none of it is a conspiracy against you.

Elsewhere, a federal judge contemplates whether Trump and top Jan. 6 allies have “absolute” immunity after inciting the crowd into violent acts, and we’re still waiting to hear what happens to the Republicans who signed false documents claiming to be the “real” electors from the states that Trump’s team didn’t want to be counted toward Biden’s victory. Because so far there hasn’t been a peep suggesting that the teams who submitted those fake documents will be held to account.

Which is an odd outcome, in a country where passing an alleged counterfeit bill can result in police killing you outright.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:


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