Modification Parts & Embellishment Accessories | Audi A3

Audi A3

There are ample accessories designed including interior and exterior styling upgrades, carbon fiber performance parts, decorative accessories, and custom audio systems for Audi A3. These accessories help in upgrading, modifying, and personalizing the look of the car, along with improving the overall performance and comfort. Let’s learn about the various accessories choices available to choose from.

What are the various performance parts available for Audi A3?

Accessories include car floor mats, spoilers, exhausts, brake light diffusers, and various other items along with performance modifications such as turbocharges, brakes, etc. Let’s discuss the various collections available and their purpose in your car.

        S.No.         Accessories           Features
            1. Diffusers
  • A diffuser is an aerodynamic device that is used to reduce drag and increase the downforce of a vehicle.
  • It is used to increase the airflow around the car, which helps to improve the performance and handling of the car.
            2. Exhaust Tip
  • It helps to direct the exhaust gases away from the engine and out of the vehicle, improving the efficiency of the exhaust system.
  • It improves the sound of the exhaust, providing an enhanced and more enjoyable driving experience.
            3. Carbon Fiber Spoiler
  • Carbon fiber spoilers are designed to reduce drag and increase downforce on the car, making it more aerodynamic.
  •  It helps to improve the car’s acceleration and top speed, as well as its overall handling.
            4. Mirror Caps
  • Mirror caps are designed to provide a stylish touch to the exterior of an Audi A3. 
  • They add a unique aesthetic to the vehicle and can help to make it stand out from the crowd. 
  • Additionally, mirror caps also provide extra protection to the side mirrors from scratches and other damage.
            5. Carbon Front Lip
  • A carbon fiber front lip on an Audi helps to reduce drag and improve aerodynamics by providing a smoother transition of air from the front of the car to the sides. 
  • This helps to reduce turbulence and increase the car’s overall fuel efficiency. 
  • Additionally, a carbon fiber front lip also adds a stylish aesthetic to the car.
              6. Door Light
  • The door light in an Audi serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose.
  •  It provides illumination to help the driver and passengers see when entering and exiting the vehicle, and also adds a touch of style to the exterior of the car.
              7. Interior Trim
  • Interior trim in an Audi helps to create a comfortable and luxurious environment for the driver and passengers.
  •  It also helps to reduce noise and vibration, while enhancing the overall aesthetic of the vehicle.
              8. License Plate Frame
  • License plate frames are used to provide a professional and stylish look to a car while also protecting the license plate from the elements.
  •  They can also help to keep your license plate secure, as they provide an extra layer of protection against theft or vandalism.
              9. Paddle Shifter
  • The paddle shifter in an Audi A3 allows the driver to manually shift gears without having to use a traditional gear shifter.
  •  This allows the driver to quickly and easily shift gears while keeping both hands on the wheel, making driving the Audi more efficient and enjoyable.
              10. Steering Wheels
  • Steering wheels in Audi vehicles are designed to provide superior handling, comfort, and control.
  •  They are ergonomically designed with controls built in for easy access to features such as audio, climate control, and other vehicle settings.
  •  The steering wheel is an integral part of the driving experience and helps to provide a smooth and enjoyable ride.

These are some of the accessories that you can add on to your car for upgrading and modification. These accessories can also be available for other models such as Audi TT RS, RS3, etc.

Wrapping Up

These are ample numbers of accessories available to choose from for your Audi A3. Just remember, before adding any performance parts, check the compatibility of the parts with your car model.