Jharkhand MLA Irfan Ansari Wants To Make Roads “Smoother Than Kangana Ranaut’s Cheeks”



In recent news of Indian politicians making poor choices with words, Irfan Ansari, a Congress MLA from Jharkhand has sparked a fresh controversy with his comments. In a seemingly self-recorded video, the politician and leader assured people that he would build roads “smoother than Kangana Ranaut’s cheeks” in Jamtara. It’s probably the most unnecessary analogy to describe a development project that is poised to benefit children from tribal communities, the youth and business persons.

Announcing the “construction of 14 world-class roads,” Irfan Ansari referenced Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. Check out the video here:

We’re cringing!

The politician is no stranger to controversial remarks or spreading misinformation. As per reports on Hindustan Times, on another occasion, he said that “Masks should not be worn for long,”. He added, “I am saying as an MBBS doctor that there should not be prolonged mask usage. One should wear a mask in crowds. There is no need to panic during this third wave of Covid-19. The symptoms will get cured in five-six days.”

Ansari joins the list of leaders who have casually dropped sexist remarks like the aforementioned statement. A Maharashtra-based minister Gulabrao Patil also stirred a row for saying that the roads in Jalgaon district are as smooth as actress and politician Hema Malini’s cheeks. He had later apologised for his comment. Elsewhere, Rajendra Gudha, the Minister of State of Rajasthan also garnered backlash for reportedly saying that his village roads must be as smooth as Katrina Kaif’s cheeks.

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What’s worrying about these oft-drawn parallels is the fact that leaders – men in positions of power don’t seem to realise how sexist they are. Most of them think they have paid actresses a great compliment which says a lot about just how far behind they are on taking any accountability. Irfan Ansari is yet to issue an apology for his remark.

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