Interesting Places & Events in Denver that are Open in October


Welcome to the Mile High City- a nickname of Denver. It’s because the city is precisely one mile above sea level. The city is very beautiful and full of interesting spots that one can never get bored of. Tourists will see here the amazing backdrop of the rocky mountains, high plains, huge river valleys, etc. Let’s find some interesting places & events in Denver that are open in October. 

➤Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum

If one shows interest in aircraft, then bang on to this interesting museum. The museum is ancient and has a fascinating collection of space vehicles, aircraft, and much more. Yes, it’s open in October. Take the kids and let them experience the army lifestyle. They will surely love it. 

➤Tour Astonishing Buildings During Doors Open Denver

There are people who show much interest in history but tourists, whether they love exploring history or not, never say no to such prominent spots. This month Doors Open Denver is open for tours. The fees will be $30 but will take visitors back to the mid-century or maybe more classic times. 

➤Dance and Drink at the Sloan’s Lake Beer Fest

No travel fun if one misses the beer fest. Yes, this month, visitors can be a part of notable events in Denver, which include dance & drink at the Sloan’s Lake Beer Fest. Here they will be dancing to 90s pop and rock music. Plus, enjoy some lawn games, food trucks, and much more. 

➤Molly Brown House Museum

Molly was a brave activist and socialite who survived during the sinking of the Titanic and requested the crew of Lifeboat No. 6 to go back to the capsize area to look for survivors if any. The museum is a tribute to her, and every year thousands of tourists visit this beautiful vintage museum. One can find guided tours and learn about historic events. In addition, the museum has an amazing gift shop full of interesting things & items. 

➤Cost-Free McGregor Scare

Well, Halloween is quite close, and it’s great if anyone has tour plans in Denver. Locals & tourists can attend a Halloween party without any fees. Just get the pumpkin face decorated or have some scary face painting at 7. pm. Here, attendees can also watch some horror movies by enjoying free candy, popcorn, and soft drinks. 

➤Carving & Cocktails 

If somebody wants to cherish rocking live music in Denver, then bring yourself to the Carving & Cocktail events. Here, one will relish a variety of delicious cocktails and tasteful snacks. Local yet popular bands will take the show to the next level that can’t stop anyone’s feet from dancing. 

➤Get in on the Cookie Competition 

Cookies are almost everyone’s favorite. At Blanchard Family Wines, adding October some luscious cookies to the menu and need the audience’s help to pick the flavors. Be a part of the exciting cookie competition as everyone gets a chance to get unique yet delicious cookies.