Instagram Users Can Now Filter Sensitive Content And Pin Upto Three Posts On Their Profile



Instagram is expanding its Sensitive Content Control features to encompass all suggestions, nearly a year after introducing them to the Explore tab. Users may now decide how much sensitive information and accounts appear in Search, Reels, Profiles You May Follow, hashtag pages, including in suggestions, in addition, to Browse.

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According to reports, everyone will be able to get the update “in the coming weeks.” Instagram’s Sensitive Content Control bar debuted in July, with three tiers (Allow, Limit, Limit Even More) that have recently been renamed to provide a clearer explanation of how they differ: More, Standard, and Less are the three options. You’ll still see risqué photographs and videos from friends and relatives because the function only filters content from profiles you do not even follow (i.e. search results or Reels recommendations).

But with that, Instagram just brought out a slew of new features that are now available to all Instagram users. The option to pin stuff to your profile page is one of them, and it’s a clear standout from the list. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced the appointments via his normal video announcements on Twitter. Other new features offered by Mosseri include enhancements to Reels, in addition to the aforementioned Grid pinning mechanism.

A lengthier 90-second maximum, interactive stickers, and the option to insert music into a clip are among the new features. Simply choose a photo or video clip, press the three dots symbol in the top right-hand corner, and then choose “Pin to your profile” to use Grid Pinning.

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Pinned content is identified by a tiny pin icon that may be seen by both you and your followers. All of these new capabilities are now present to all Instagram users throughout the world, as previously stated. Of course, you’ll want to make sure the app is up to date to make use of the new features.


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