ILO urges Bangladesh for swift labour law reforms: Reports



The International Labour Organization (ILO) has emphasised Bangladesh’s urgent need to prioritise labour law reforms through extensive consultations, aligning with the country’s commitments.

This call follows the conclusion of the ILO’s 350th meeting in Geneva.

Bangladesh called upon by International Labour Organization (ILO) to bring about much-needed reforms to labour law as a matter of priority.
Request came after governing body of the UN specialised agency concluded its 350th meeting in Geneva recently.
The ILO acknowledged implementing roadmap for labour sector reform within 2021-26 timeline.

This is as per media reports, which adeed during the session held from March 4 to 14, member states deliberated on living wages and initiatives for bolstering social justice. As part of its supervisory procedures, the ILO reviewed various country cases, including Bangladesh, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, emphasising ongoing attention to these situations.

Regarding Bangladesh, the ILO acknowledged progress in implementing the roadmap for labour sector reform within the 2021-26 timeline. It particularly noted Bangladesh’s commitment to engage in tripartite consultations to address outstanding issues related to Article 26, encompassing conventions 81, 87, and 98, which respectively pertain to labour inspection, freedom of association, and collective bargaining rights.

The ILO urged Bangladesh and social partners to pursue these consultations constructively to expedite necessary reforms even as Bangladesh provided updates on improvements aligned with the roadmap, including amendments to the Bangladesh Labour Act and Rules, and reform efforts concerning the Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Labour Act.

Progress such as increased registered trade unions, labour inspectors, and enhanced capacity within relevant departments was also highlighted.

Additionally, plans for establishing new labour courts and enhancing arbitration procedures were noted.

Looking ahead, the ILO urged Bangladesh to continue reporting on progress at the 352nd Session in November 2024, specifically addressing outstanding issues concerning Article 26.

In discussions about Myanmar, the ILO condemned the lack of progress towards upholding democratic processes and respecting human rights even as it called on military authorities to cease violence, arbitrary detentions, and torture of trade unionists and activists, including Rohingya.

Furthermore, the ILO members urged the removal of restrictions on its operations in Myanmar and full implementation of recommendations from the ILO’s Commission of Inquiry.

In the event of non-compliance, the ILO director-general has been tasked with assessing further steps to ensure adherence to these recommendations.

The governing body, which convenes three times a year, serves as the ILO’s executive body, overseeing critical matters of global labour policy.

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