How to Say T-shirt and Black Chinos for Men Combination with Ease

black chinos men

Chino pants, the life, and soul of every man’s wardrobe. If you don’t own one, well, your wardrobe is missing its soul. Sad, but true! Chinos are a must-have because this versatile piece will make you want to wear them day and night, season and after season. Yes, chinos solve the purpose of jeans, that is to make you look dressed up. The basic difference is that it does the task in a more comfortable way. It’s a fact that once you start wearing black chinos men, there is no going back. Cmon, when you can look super stylish along with more comfort, why would anyone want to try anything else. Another reason why men seem to be all crazy about this piece of clothing is that it can be worn on all occasions. Be it a formal gathering or a casual day out; you can never go wrong with a pair of chinos. There is a perfect type of chinos for every occasion. So, if you want to build a wardrobe. 

Chinos colors that every men should own:

Beige color 

People still try to pass off sim fit jeans that have been an ideal pick for structured suit jackets if it weren’t for neutral-colored chinos. The lighter the color, whether it’s on suits or shoes, the less formal is the piece. As a result, beige chinos are great for relaxed occasions such as a day at the park or happy hour beverages. Wear it with a dark-hued shirt like burgundy, navy blue or dark grey to keep the outfit balanced. 

Black color

A pair in black serves as the ideal canvas for creating a variety of elegant and informal ensembles. Plus, they won’t show stains as quickly, which is useful if laundry is your sworn enemy. You can buy a pair of good quality black trouser pants for men from Perk Clothing. 

Know the occasion

Now that you are well aware of the must-have chino colors, it is important to understand the formality in mind. Some occasions require more formal dressing than others. So when you are styling chinos. For instance, a pair of chinos and shirt combination is a casual look. Switching the shirt with a shirt will instantly make it more formal. 

Consider the weather

Considering the weather is the most important thing one should do before picking out an outfit, we all do it all the time, right? It won’t be a great idea to dress up cool and breezy when the weather outside is changing or go all layered up when the sun is right on your head. So, 

Chinos can be worn in any weather with ease. But the main reason why you need to pay attention to the weather is to pick out the upper wear. The weather will help you decide what you should wear on top and style it with chinos. 

Keep these things in mind to slay your T-shirt chinos combo.


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