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How To Improve Your Home’s Garage Door Trim

How To Improve Your Home’s Garage Door Trim

Well, if you have in mind to sell your home one day, or you want to give your home a facelift, your home garage is your starting point. If you can improve your home’s garage, you have inadvertently increased the home’s value. And to improve your home garage, the door trim is the way to go. 

Unfortunately, many people don’t think of improving their home garage doors unless, of course, it is damaged. The garage door trim is the liner around the rough edges of your garage door.

According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Land Professionals *NALP) in 2018, curb appeal played a vital role in handling any outdoor project. 94% of Realtors involved in selling homes suggested that improving their curb appeal before listing a home for sale increases their chances of getting a better offer. 

If you’re thinking of how to improve your home’s garage door trim, there are a lot of options available to you. Whether you want to put up your home for sale or want a home improvement, we will provide you with some valuable tips on improving your home’s garage door trim and making it attractive.

Tips to Improve your Home’s Garage Door Trim for a Curb Appeal

The garage door trims, also known as the garage door jamb, liner, or wrap, are an easily overlooked trim piece that should be given attention. https://belcofp.com/garage-door-jambs/

While it may be better to replace your aging home’s garage door, the cost of doing that may be pretty expensive. 

Improving your home’s garage door trim may provide the spark you need to make your garage come alive again. Garage door trims can significantly enhance your home exterior.

However, many garage doors in our homes have duly served their time. Although, if your garage door is still functional, we’ve highlighted some of the best Exterior Garage Door Trim Ideas for you to improve your garage door trim.

1. Painting with Blending Colors

One of the easiest ways to improve your home’s garage door trim is to repaint the trim with blending colors to match your home décor. If your trim is made of aluminum, steel, or wood, it will undoubtedly be affected by weather and will suffer from wear and tear. The best option will be to touch it up with fresh paint to revamp the fading colors. Rust will deal a terrible blow on steel and aluminum over time. The white color will provide a beautiful brightness, blend with most interior decors, and make the garage door stand out.

However, neutral colors can provide a natural appeal to your home garage and increase its resale value. It also helps to give it a personalized look. Other colors, such as blue-grey, can also be used to paint your home garage trim, depending on the other exterior décor in your home.

2. Replacing the Trim

If your garage door trim is made of rubber material, the quickest option is to replace it. A new trim will add an appeal to your aging garage door and make it come alive again. A new trim will give the garage door freshness and make a decorative appeal to your home. It is cheaper to replace an aging trim than to replace the garage door.

Replacing your garage door trim isn’t a difficult task. If you love DIYs, you can watch this video on how to replace the trim.

3. Routine Maintenance

The garage door trim requires routine maintenance to retain its aesthetic looks, freshness, and resale value. As with every piece of equipment or device, you have to maintain your trim regularly. This may include regular cleaning and washing.

Apart from painting and replacement, to prevent wood-boring insects from destroying your trim, you can use fiber cement siding to seal up the sides of your trim. A fiber cement siding is a durable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance material used on residential houses, made of Portland cement, sand, water, and cellulose fiber. 

Why Improve Your Garage Door Trim?

Your garage door is the entrance to your home. It is the first contact visitors have with your home. It serves as a security door and provides an aesthetic appeal to your home’s exterior. It means that your home garage door is very significant in determining your home’s quality, taste, and beauty. 

Aging garage doors can deface your entire exterior; hence, improving your garage door trim is very important.

Furthermore, door trims provide cover to the edges of your door side frame. Trims also help complete your garage’s look, giving it a beautiful design. Therefore, improving your garage door trim translates to improving your overall garage door and its exterior designs.


Finally, according to Belco, garage doors have been trending upward in popularity, with an ROI above 90%. By improving your home’s garage door trim, your garage will become very attractive, thereby multiplying its worth. It will provide your home garage with a new look that gives you the pleasure and satisfaction you’ve always dreamt of. 

We hope that the tips we’ve provided will help you improve your home’s garage door trim ideas and provide an excellent curb appeal to your exterior.

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