How to Coordinate 14K Gold Necklace for Women’s Outfit


It’s sometimes frustrating to pick the outfit that goes perfectly with our jewel. It’s great when we have choices to make, but too many choices can turn into something dreadful at a certain point in time. Almost every woman is stuck every single day and not able to decide which piece of necklace matches the outfit of the day. In addition, the gold necklace has never faded its extraordinary statement since the mid-century. A 14k gold necklace for women’s outfits is a perfect choice to boost the bold look. But styling can be tricky, so here we will get through how to coordinate necklaces to the fullest. 

➤ Never Overlook Occasion 

The first thing to keep in mind is to know the occasion for one is dressing. Otherwise, it will not look unique but too odd & funny. For instance, if someone is dressing for work, then a dangling necklace will not be a perfect match as it looks more casual & over. Better to look for a plain 14k collar necklace that gives a prominent professional glance. 

➤ Busy Pattern with Simple Jewel (Vice-Versa)

It looks tacky if wearing a printed outfit with a loud & ornate necklace. It doesn’t matter how much that jewel seems great, but it will shatter the overall look. So the busy pattern outfit must be styled with a simple necklace and the theme goes similar in an opposite scenario. Therefore, when deciding how to coordinate the 14k gold chain necklace for women’s dresses, then this essential factor in mind will be beneficial.

➤ Follow-Up the Skin-Tone

If someone thinks just an outfit is a factor, then they must need to rethink it. Skin tone is also one of the crucial considerations when styling with the necklace. Gold is a perfect choice for the one with darker hair and matte skin. One with a cooler skin tone can go for white gold, whereas a warmer skin tone can look for gold with green, yellow, or red gemstones. 

➤Enduring Black & Gold 

Black & gold holds the soulful connection. No matter what gold women’s fashion necklaces one has in their collection, the shine of gold adds a powerful statement to the black dress. Here one doesn’t need to think much, just be particular when styling with the busy black outfit. Here, the simple jewel pairs well, and vice -versa. 

The list is ended, but there can be a lot of insight required to style a 14k gold necklace like a star. However, above are some real insider tips that can save a lot of time to pick the right necklace with the right outfit.