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How To Beat Teacher Tech Resistance

How To Beat Teacher Tech Resistance


You would think after almost four years of the forced migration to remote learning and the new ways to connect and teach thanks to edtech, teachers would be ready to accept these tools as an essential part of their work. According to Julianne Ross-Kleinmann, data analysis & technology integration specialist at Ulster BOCES in New York, that’s not necessarily the case. 

In this conversation, Julianne shares her experiences encouraging tech-hesitant teachers to embrace technology that improves teaching and learning. We touch upon a number of topics including the challenges of technology adoption, the role of trust in educational technology, the TPACK framework (Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge), and the need to tailor approaches to individual teachers’ comfort levels. 

Julianne emphasizes that despite progress, resistance to technology still exists, and she shares her strategies for building trust and advocating for equitable technology access.

Don’t worry. If you wait for it, we end up exploring the evolving role of technology in education and the positive changes Julianne has observed. Click below for a listen and read below for some edited highlights and some resources on TPACK:

On the first steps in reducing resistance to tech:

“I think the very first thing is building trust. So everything that we do is relationship based. We’re humans. Everything that we do is based on relationships, relationships and the comfort of our relationships with others.”

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