Go “Low” or “No” with Free Spirited by Loews Hotels



    Loews Hotels & Co, the brand behind 25 luxe hotels and resorts across the United States and Canada, has debuted the Free Spirited by Loews Hotels program for those opting to imbibe a little less, or not at all. As one of the pioneering hotel brands to embrace the growing trend of mindful consumption, Free Spirited by Loews Hotels provides elevated and bespoke hotel bar programming with a variety of low or no ABV beverages. With this program, Loews Hotels continues to create judgment-free environments for guests of all ages, abilities, and lifestyles. Free Spirited by Loews Hotels showcases respective, on-site mixology featuring impressive libations focused on locally sourced ingredients and unique flavor combinations.

    “At Loews Hotels, we recognize that our guests have varying preferences when it comes to beverage choices, and we are dedicated to providing an inclusive and elevated experience for all,” said Mark Weiss, Senior Vice President Food and Beverage at Loews Hotels & Co. “Free Spirited by Loews Hotels underscores our commitment to innovation and guest-centricity, and we are looking forward to showcasing our properties’ mixology teams and their expertise.”

    Pineapple-Matcha-Jito (Live! by Loews – St.Louis)

    Beyond the bar, Free Spirited by Loews Hotels seamlessly integrates into catering and event planning, offering a curated selection of non-alcoholic beverages that are as thoughtful and intricate as their alcoholic counterparts. Moreover, this program is infused into tentpole, brand-wide programming throughout the year, such as the brand’s annual Summerfest, further fulfilling the holistic approach to preference accommodation.

    Low & No Beverage Offerings 

    Beverage selections differ at each property, reflecting the availability of local suppliers, popular flavors in the region, and the creativity of the mixologists. Guests can expect uniquely delicious options across the brand portfolio. Sample menu highlights include:

    LOW ABV:

    Coronado Cobbler (Loews Coronado Bay Resort) – Amontillado Sherry, Lemon Juice, Agave, Liquid Alchemist Peach Syrup, Dash of Angostura Bitters, Mint Sprig

    Okiru Martini (Loews Miami Beach Hotel) – Soto Sake, Aplos Arise, Lemon Juice, Cucumber, Honey Water

    Okiru Martini (Loews Miami Beach Hotel)

    NO ABV:

    Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Loews Philadelphia Hotel) – Barrel-Aged Boulevardier, Lyre’s Whiskey, Aperitif Rosso, Italian Orange

    Pineapple-Matcha-Jito (Live! by Loews – St.Louis) – House Pineapple + Tarragon Shrub, Lime Juice, Honey Syrup, Matcha Powder, Club Soda

    Coronado Cobbler (Loews Coronado Bay Resort)

    Loews Hotels has seamlessly integrated these specialty libations into its standard cocktail menus, with each drink clearly marked by an icon denoting its low or no ABV content. This transparent and thoughtful approach ensures that individuals seeking alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverages have access to a wide range of options, each of which is crafted with attention and care.

    Photos courtesy of Loews Hotels


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