Georgia woman unloads on Marjorie Taylor Greene



A woman caller began: “We accepted Trump for four years. You all refuse to accept Biden. You refuse to do it. And you know, maybe we didn’t like Trump, but he won, and so that was it. You will not accept the fact that Joe Biden won and that is the whole thing. You’re not going to accept it, and you’re just going to keep on and keep on, and peck peck peck. and you won’t get anything done if you’re not going to respect the man, and realize he is the president. You’re not ever gonna get anything done. You have got to work together, and you are not doing it. You’re not doing it. And neither are the other Republicans, they’re just going with Trump. Well, he didn’t win it. He didn’t win it. And wasted all that money in Georgia, had to count the votes three times because he said he won, and he didn’t.”

I would say that many Georgians share this sentiment about Rep. Greene and the big lie she and others continue to promote. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it is this kind of pushback that has led to Greene’s public statements arguing that Democratic voting Americans should be blocked from voting; I think that’s something fascists like Greene have always believed.

Another caller topped it, starting her call by saying, “I just want to say thank God for Joe Biden.” Greene, not wanting an even more vociferous attack on her fragile ego, looked to the hosts who didn’t have time to step in before the caller added, “she is an embarrassment to the state of Georgia.” At this point the hosts, very diplomatically, replied “Well, we all have our opinions.”

It was at this moment that this Peach State caller found a place in my heart, responding “Amen to that, and I’ve got mine.”

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