Embassy helps 454 Bangladeshi RMG workers in Jordan get their dues



With assistance from the Bangladesh Embassy in Amman, 454 Bangladeshi garment workers employed by Achilles Apparel Limited in Jordan have successfully received their overdue wages and social security payments.

The funds were handed over to the workers by Ummay Salma, the embassy’s first secretary (labour), during a recent ceremony at the ministry of labour (MOL) in Jordan.

Bangladesh embassy in Amman recently handed over dues to 454 Bangladeshi garment workers employed by Achilles Apparel Ltd in Jordan.
Achilles Apparel Ltd experienced significant financial setbacks in the aftermath of COVID-19, announced layoffs in December 2023.
Workers brought to attention of Bangladeshi embassy various alleged irregularities.

As per reports, Achilles Apparel Ltd, experienced significant financial setbacks in the post-COVID period while in November 2022, workers of the company in Jordan brought forth various allegations and irregularities to the notice of the Bangladeshi embassy.

Subsequently, the embassy initiated discussions with both the garment authorities and the Jordanian MoL while also engaging with the trade union to solve the workers’ issues.

Although the garment authorities eventually disbursed the outstanding wages to the workers, the company, facing financial losses and issues of corruption, announced layoffs in December 2023.

Since then, the Labour Welfare Wing of the Bangladesh Embassy in Jordan has been actively involved in resolving matters related to outstanding wages, work permits, passport renewals, and facilitating the return of the workers to Bangladesh.

Over the past eighteen months, embassy representatives have tirelessly negotiated with various ministries and international organisations in Jordan. Monthly visits by the country’s authorities to Achilles Apparel Ltd were conducted, with regular inquiries into the situation.

Ummay Salma expressed her perspective, stating, “From the outset, the authorities were informed to address the legitimate demands of the workers, and we have finally achieved success.”

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