Elon Musk’s ‘Jeff Who?’ Clip Goes Viral As The SpaceX Founder Extends His Lead In World’s Richest Race


Billionaire Elon Musk, who eclipsed the $200 billion last month to top the World’s richest list, seems to be unstoppable as he continues to add more wealth to his existing fortune. With SpaceX valued at around $100 billion and Tesla stocks also performing well, Musk seems to have extended his lead as he dominates the list with $230 billion, according to Bloomberg Billionaires’ Index. And it looks like Musk wants to remind his arch-rival and second richest-man, Jeff Bezos, about his extended lead.

A few days back, Musk dropped a silver medal comment on the Amazon founder’s tweet that instantly grabbed everyone’s attention, but now an old BBC interview video from 2017 of the SpaceX founder saying ‘Jeff Who?’ has once again gone viral on the internet. While the rivalry between Musk and Bezos getting intense with time, it looks like the former is enjoying taking digs at the Blue Origins founder, after gaining the top spot.

While fans are having a gala time watching the World’s richest man taking a dig at his arch-rival, Musk’s recent tweet about extending ‘life to Mars’ seems to have grabbed everyone’s attention. While many came out in support of the billionaire and his futuristic vision, a section criticized Musk’s decision to invest millions to go on Mars, rather than improving the conditions on Earth.

And with recent comments from Prince Charles and Bill Gates criticizing billionaires for investing heavily in space travels rather than focusing on the issues on Earth, Musk’s recent tweet about extending life on the red planet ended up receiving mixed reactions from netizens.

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