Desi Twitter Slams Etiquette Coach Teaching ‘Proper’ Ways Of Eating Indian Food



With the trend of experimental fusion food taking over the country, the internet has been abuzz with bizarre posts related to food. But amidst all these fusion food posts that have been making a great deal of noise on the internet, an etiquette coach’s video teaching ‘proper’ ways of eating traditional Indian dishes like daal-chawal or rajma-chawal has grabbed everyone’s attention.

While the etiquette coach claimed that one must never pour a large amount of daal, rajma or any other curry on rice, and even showed everyone an alternate way of adding them in small portions, didn’t seem to go down well with desi-Twitter users. Furthermore, the etiquette coach even added that one must not mix more than two items at one time and should even avoid adding curd with all food items as it may end up making the other person uncomfortable.

Needless to say, the etiquette coach’s methods weren’t liked by many, who in response to the clip shared their thoughts on consuming desi-food. Check out a few reactions here:

The internet is a funny place and with time we are witnessing more and more experimental fusion food being added to its already long list. While desi-foodies have already dismissed bizarre items like kulhad pizza, milkshake maggi and others, the addition of chowmein gol-gappa and masala dosa ice cream roll in the past week has left many furious.

What do you think about the etiquette coach’s methods of consuming desi-food? Comment and let us know on social media.

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