COVID-19 is killing Trump supporters by the hundreds each day



McNeil did the math:

As of this week, about 1,800 Americans a day are dying of Covid; the C.D.C. expects that number to rise above 2,600. Virtually all are adults. If 95 percent were unvaccinated and we assume that 75 percent of those were Trump supporters, that’s 1,300 to 1,900 of his voters being subtracted from the rolls every single day.

Donald Trump lost Arizona by a mere 10,000 votes. He lost Georgia by 12,000, He lost Wisconsin by 21,000. He lost Nevada by 33,000. Right now, about 60 Arizonans, 36 Georgians, 34 Wisconsinites and 14 Nevadans are dying of Covid each day. Seventy five percent of 95 percent of that would be minus 103 Trump voters per day  just in those four swing states. Week after week. That adds up.

The hospitals here in Florida are at the breaking point. The state broke the record with 430,297 cases last week. Also, Florida deaths rose from 184 the previous week to 470 just last week, the most since early November. Gov. Ron DeSantis is so far gone that he is arguing that Trump was too sane and honest about COVID-19 and should have ignored it even more than he did.

At this point I reiterate that Trump has not even tried to expand his base, and he is going into 2024 much weaker than he was in 2020. He is no longer the incumbent, his mental state has been called into question, and his supporters have never trusted elections less. Then there’s the small matter of the insurrection attempt to overthrow the government that has turned off quite a few people, which has now become his legacy. On top of all of this, the GOP has officially become a death cult. The data is in: The stronger a state’s support for Trump was in 2020, the higher the COVID-19 infection rate for that state.

People of color were, at one point, less likely to get the vaccine, but that has been changing. The only people going in the other direction, trend-wise, have been white Republicans. They have fallen further and farther into the anti-vaxx conspiracy, among other kinds of conspiratorial thinking. It’s shocking how far down the rabbit hole they fall. Every day, Kos posts a daily column on COVID deaths here on Daily Kos from anti-vaxxers who start out posting snarky memes, but then always end up running to the hospital when they get sick. Even after suffering in unbearable pain, many of them cling to the disinformation that is making them suffer as they breathe their final breath.

A medical worker tends to a patient who has Covid-19 in a negative pressure room in the ICU ward at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts on January 4, 2022. - The hospital claims that they are overflowing with patients and dont have many beds left if any.  According to state data Massachusetts currently has 2,221 hospitalizations of covid patients with 402 in ICU rooms and 245 intubated. (Photo by Joseph Prezioso / AFP) (Photo by JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images)

The articles always seem to end the same: with a GoFundMe page begging for money, followed almost immediately by an obituary. It’s a very cruel death, and one that is completely unnecessary. Every one is also a vote for Trump and the Republican agenda that is forever lost. The GOP knows this, which is why they made protecting voter suppression their top priority. It’s really all they have.  

Of course, if the GOP were smart, they would promote the vaccine as much as we do. A simple jab would save them from an untimely and painful death. Many, however, will follow their right-wing messiahs right off the cliff.  Ironic that if Trumpists really wanted to “own the libs,” they would do everything in their power to keep from getting sick so they could vote. As a moral human being, I feel obliged to remind them of this so they can stay alive, but I will have absolutely no guilt when they choose not to listen. 

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