Connect! Unite! Act! We can’t afford to take anything for granted, ask Virginia Kos



The Democratic candidate crushingly won the popular vote in both cases, but the electoral vote was much closer. This November, Virginia will be first out of the gate with state House elections, including the election for governor. Even though Virginia has trended blue, is it possible for Republicans to win the state? Absolutely. All it takes is a Democratic effort under too-high expectations and Republican anger to be higher than expected. Voter turnout models are based on who we expect to vote. Trump showed us that when you turn out the unexpected and suppress the expected, all things are possible. One benefit in Virginia is that voter suppression will be less of a story. Can voter engagement be strong enough to fend off Republicans and hold all the levers in the state? Welcome to the power of state groups here on Daily Kos, like Virginia Kos.

Candidates running for office as well as community members often serve as the best advocates for their home state. No one knows your state’s story like you do, and no one will be able to tell the story as well as you.

How we tell our stories on Daily Kos allows us to express what we love about our states, what we fear about our states, and who we support in our states. Our state stories also allow us to connect with candidates directly; they’re a way to find out more about where they are and the challenges they may face. And this is real interaction, not just donating money to their campaigns—though that is certainly one means of supporting the candidates you’d like to win. 

One of the goals of Daily Kos is to provide “news you can use.” State groups are often among the most useful groups for residents by helping to pick us up and encourage us, supply us information, and the desire to keep going. 

Plus, if we ever get out of the COVID nightmare, state groups allow us to meet with each other in real life and sort through problems in our state, work to help build up our local Democratic organizations, and find ways we can make those stronger. State groups aren’t just about republishing diaries; they provide email opportunities to send messages to every member of a group and let them know of an upcoming event, an important piece of news, or a request to comment and raise up voices about your state. 

We have to avoid falling into the trap of saying “we’ve got this.” We could win Virginia in a blowout. I don’t know. I would prefer to go out fighting until the very last day with the attitude that I have no idea what can happen, so I’m going to take the chance to pour absolutely everything into this, or else something bad could happen. If I am wrong, and we win the election in a blowout, no harm is done. If we lose an election in a squeaker and too many sat at home thinking it was already in the bag, then a lot of people will regret not doing more. Which would you prefer?

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Our CUA team is here to provide support and guidance to new and existing volunteer leaders of each regional and state group, helping them with recruiting, organizing and executing social and action events. We invite you to join in this effort to build our community. There are many ways to pitch in. If there isn’t a group to join near you, please start one.

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